3 Subtle Ways You're Making a Bad First Impression

As judgmental as it is, the way you come off within the first 30 seconds of meeting someone can color their perception of you for years to come—especially if that person is just an acquaintance. That being said, gaining a sense of self-awareness can help you curate your snap-second impression to your liking, which is particularly important when attending work events or meeting new friends.

Fortunately, Business Insider has compiled a list of negative habits to avoid when meeting new people, many of which are true eye-openers. Most importantly, BI warns against checking your phone mid-conversation, constantly interrupting conversations with tidbits about your life, and failing to make eye contact when speaking with someone. All three of these faux pas speak to a missed opportunity to engage with the person standing in front of you—an unfortunate gaffe that anyone with a smartphone has likely committed.

"Americans collectively check their phones eight billion times a day," writes BI, citing a recent study from Deloitte. "Whether they're a VIP or your waiter, the person in front of you deserves your attention much more than someone you can't see. If [your phone] really needs your attention, step away to the hallway or a restroom. Remember: Don't text when you should be talking."

Head over to Business Insider for the full list of communicative blunders, and look into a digital detox to improve your first impression.