This $23 Silk Pillowcase Has Over 4200 5-Star Reviews on Amazon


The sheer number of Amazon users makes it a great place to find high-quality items at an affordable price point (customer reviews don't lie). Considering our ongoing quest to curate a perfectly serene sleep sanctuary, we inevitably found ourselves browsing for the best silk pillowcase on the e-commerce site.

While we swear by Slip's pure silk pillowcase ($105), Amazon is a veritable treasure trove of more affordable options, namely Alaska Bear's hypoallergenic version ($23). Made with 100% mulberry silk, a "breathable, natural, organic fiber," the 600 thread count pillowcase is dermatologist recommended to help prevent wrinkles and soothe dry skin. It can also help with frizzy hair and morning bedhead.

What's more, Alaska Bear's version is Amazon's recommended pick—it boasts over 5300 customer reviews (80% of which are five stars). Customers claim it has helped with everything from acne and sleep issues to hair frizz and daily hair maintenance. Shop the top-rated silk pillowcase below:

Alaska Bear Natural Silk Pillowcase $23

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