These Décor Items Are Like a Face-Lift for Your Living Room

A room can feel lackluster or dull for a ton of reasons, but there's one solution that tends to breathe life into a space unlike any other: silver décor. It feels decidedly more timeless than some of the trendier finishes like rose gold while also looking more refined than bronze and yellow gold metals. Plus, introducing decorative objects is so much easier and more affordable than a full-blown makeover.

Of course, it's all a matter of taste, but today we're highlighting our 14 favorite silver décor items for every room in the house for those of you looking for a touch of cool sophistication. Whether you want to make a laid-back space more formal, add some edge to a warm-hued room, or even just to bring out some of the other silver details in your interiors, the glossy décor pieces below are just what you need.