The Woman Who Refined Kim Kardashian West's Style Is Now an Interior Designer

With clients like Kim Kardashian West and Nicole Richie, celebrity stylist Simone Harouche hardly needs to consider a career change, but that's exactly what the tastemaker wants to do. In an interview with Elle Decor, Harouche explains her decision to leave the perch as one of Hollywood's top 25 most powerful stylists to work in a completely new field: interior design.

"I’m having a mid-life crisis of sorts, but I haven’t reached my mid-life point," she tells Elle Decor, laughing. You might recognize Harouche as the stylist who was with Kardashian West the night of the robbery in Paris, an experience which no doubt changed her. "After getting off the plane after what happened, all I wanted to do was just come to my house. It always just felt comforting."

Harouche is no stranger to taking risks—that's evident in the way she styled her '20s Spanish-style home. There's little predictability in the space. A playful swing sways in the living room, teal tiles adorn the bathroom, and a raw-wood headboard anchors the bedroom. She's also completely candid about the risk she's taking changing careers. "I kind of just allowed myself to make choices and be like, 'Okay, it might be a mistake, but at least you're following your instincts," she says. If the images of her home are any indication, this might be the best risk she's taken yet.