16 Simple Bedroom Ideas to Make Your Space Look Expensive

Updated 05/06/19

Even when you've spent many hours decorating your master bedroom, it can start feeling a little stale after a few months or years. That's when the power of a quick refresh comes in. We're not talking about starting from scratch or entirely replacing all your furniture, but rather using a few easy updates to make your space feel new again.

Have you grown tired of your nightstands? Does your space need a coat of paint? Is one wall feeling very bare? Whatever the issue you're having, there's bound to be an easy solution you haven't thought of yet. To help you plan out your remodel, we've rounded up some of our favorite simple bedroom ideas to make your space feel refined and more expensive without spending a ton of time or money.

Ready to see your master bedroom in a whole new light? Roll up your sleeves and try one of these simple bedroom ideas this weekend.

Be Innovative With Your Nightstands

Simple Bedroom Ideas
Alyssa Rosenheck

Feeling uninspired by your nightstand? Before buying a new one, look around the house for something else that could replace it: a beloved chair, a pile of books—even a stack of vintage suitcases. The charm will make your space feel more collected and thoughtful.

One More Thing: Hang artwork right above it to make it feel more intentional.

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Play With Shape Repetition

Simple Bedroom Layouts
Courtesy of BHDM

If everything in your space feels too square, repeat a few circular patterns throughout the space to make it more dynamic. In this bedroom by BHDM, the large circular artwork above the bed is flanked with two white dome lamps, creating a fun retro effect.

One More Thing: Repeat colors the same way you do shapes and patterns to give your space a coherent feel.

Hanna Pink Table Lamp
CB2 Hanna Pink Table Lamp $179

Paint Your Ceiling

Easy Bedroom Ideas
Courtesy of Cortney Bishop

We always think of painting our walls, but how about leaving them bare and painting the ceiling instead? In this master bedroom, the teal ceiling draws the eye up, making the ceiling appear higher than it actually is. It also highlights the architectural detail in the ceiling.

One More Thing: Try to mirror the ceiling effect on the floor by adding a rug that's about the same size as the area you painted on your ceiling to balance everything out and ground the space.

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Build Your Own Headboard

Easy Bedroom Decorating Ideas
Courtesy of Sarah Sherman Samuel

Regular headboards are great, but large upholstered headboards that go wall to wall are undoubtedly better, especially when they have built-in nightstands. If you're struggling with a large empty bed wall, try making your own headboard—it's easier than you think, and the effort will be well worth it.

One More Thing: Hang a pendant from the ceiling instead of using a table lamp or sconce to play with the proportions of the space and fill up the blank wall.

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Switch Up Your Layout

Easy Bedroom Décor Ideas
Courtesy of Cortney Bishop

Sometimes all you need is to rethink your layout to make your space feel brand-new. Try putting your bed underneath the window and reorganize the orientation of your room. You'll be surprised how fresh your bedroom feels even if every piece of furniture stays the same.

One More Thing: While you move everything around, take the opportunity to declutter the space—another trick that will make your space feel fresh and curated.

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Simple Bedroom Décor Ideas
Courtesy of BHDM

Use the Decorative Powers of Paint

While we typically think of accent walls as painting a single wall and leaving the others in a neutral color, the new way to do accent walls is to paint shapes or even borders on all walls. Paint a red stripe in the middle of your walls or line the bottom half of your walls with a dark paint color—now that's how you harness the power of paint.

One More Thing: Add a few accents in the room in the same color as your wall accent color to make your décor feel more intentional and coherent.

Clare Sriracha $49

Play With Your Ceiling Height

Simple Bedroom Décor
Courtesy of BHDM

Have high ceilings? Play with the proportions of your bedroom by bringing in a canopy bed. Hang curtains all the way up to the ceiling and let them fall to the ground, or even paint the ceiling and the top foot of your wall in a darker tone-on-tone color. There are tons of ways to highlight the height of your ceilings.

One More Thing: Staying within the same color palette will make your space feel elegant and refined.

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Go Monochrome

Simple Bedroom Decorating Ideas
Courtesy of Liljencrantz Design

Give yourself a challenge and try to decorate your bedroom with only two colors. Choose a rug that’s the same color as your wall paint color, and keep the hue going on your curtains too. Then add a darker accent color in a rich fabric like velvet to give the space a little contrast.

One More Thing: Try to stay coherent with your metal finishes too, opting for only one or two finishes like brass or blackened steel.

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