These Hearty Fall Recipes May Look Gourmet, But They Couldn't Be Simpler

It's all too easy to get lost in the supermarket aisles or dive deep into Pinterest recipes and end up cooking something that's off-season. The bountiful availability of food in industrialized countries has all but eradicated the notion of seasonality in food and cooking, but lately, a few conscious eaters and chefs are giving seasons a revival in cooking. Karen Mordechai is one of those seasonal cooking evangelists. The photographer, founder of Sunday Suppers, and cookbook author knows the value of a meal cooked entirely out of fresh local produce: "As fall and winter approach, we seek nourishing foods to balance the weather and support our immunity," she writes in her latest book, Simple Fare.

While she has devoted her journey in food, both in her studio and at home, to cooking seasonally, she also understands the difficulties that it poses in everyday life and addresses them in a twofold manner in her book. First, each recipe features a selection of market variations—that is, recipe tweaks you can easily make if a certain ingredient is not available at your local market. Secondly, she kicks off the book with a selection of pantry essentials that you can easily prepare and throw into a multitude of recipes from the book: garlic confit, pickled vegetables, roasted beef broth… making these ingredients not only elevate your everyday cooking, but it also makes preparation that much easier. Ready to approach your seasonal cooking in a new way? Here are four simple fall recipes we loved from Mordechai's latest cookbook.

And now, this is what a food editor serves at a dinner party.