I'm Redecorating My Rental Apartment—Help Me Choose the Floor Plan

I've been living in Los Angeles for over three years, and you'd think that as the editorial director of MyDomaine, I would have a finished apartment by now. Well, you'd be seriously wrong. While I definitely have a design eye—I know what I like and what I don't—the main challenge as a working parent has been finding the time to decorate. Not to mention sourcing the products. Trailing through each and every home décor site to find the pieces that I (I mean my family) like is very time-consuming. Don't get me wrong, I love to trawl, but this required a different level that I just didn't have the time for. But all that aside, it was the planning part that I really didn't have a grasp on.

So, on one sunny weekend, after lying on my sofa staring at my living room, I finally decided it was time this design enthusiast finally got her act together and redecorated the space into something I was proud to show off to other people. As someone who is entering her late 30s, my approach to a good time is more dinner party than disco. So I reached out to one of my favorite New York–based Australian interior designers, Tali Roth of Homepolish, to collaborate with. You only have to look inside her strikingly modern NYC loft to see why.

The first thing on Roth's agenda was creating a floor plan for my living and dining areas. These two spaces are just one big L-shaped room, so Roth wanted to define each section, giving them definition and breathing room. The small-space factor of my teeny apartment didn't phase her either. In fact, she saw it as a challenge. "The beauty of working with a small space is that you have to be considerate and thoughtful with every inch," she says. "And every single piece needs to make total sense. There isn't room for error and clutter. It's actually easy to make a small space work. You just need to focus on floor plan and proportions. If the space is laid out well and each corner is utilized beautifully, then it often doesn't feel too small." 

Below are the four simple floor plans Roth presented to me for my L.A. apartment. I've laid out Roth's and my feedback for each of the plans to give you insight into what we're thinking. Scroll down to see which one we went for, and let me know what you think. Did I make the right decision?