Why You Only Need 10 Work Outfits—Seriously

AYR work outfit
Sandra Semburg

As anyone who works in an office knows, figuring out a different outfit for every day of the week is quite the challenge. And what working woman has time to rifle through their entire wardrobe day after day, searching for an appropriate work outfit that's both stylish and comfortable? That's exactly why we went straight to one of our favorite brands for work basics (and everything else), AYR. AYR's minimalistic pieces are the actual definition of what we want to wear every single day. They're high-quality, versatile, and timeless yet fresh, ideal for your office outfits.

Armed with the mission to narrow an entire wardrobe of options down to just 10 work outfits that can be mixed and matched with abandon, we tapped AYR Creative Director Jac Cameron to fill us in on a few of the essentials to create a work wardrobe comprising two weeks' worth of go-to outfits. All you need to do is stock your closet with the prescribed styles and keep the outfit formulas on hand! Keep scrolling to read Cameron's expert advice and then see and shop the 10 outfits.

One Jacket

The Robe coat is one of AYR's best sellers for a good reason: "It's one of the most versatile pieces in the line, as you can style it back to multiple outfits," says Cameron. She describes it as "a perfect layer piece [that's] unconstructed with no closure and looks good over anything from a dress to a tailored pant." We couldn't agree more. (Bonus: It comes in three neutral hues.)

Shop the jacket:

AYR The Robe jacket
AYR The Robe $595

Four Tops

Cameron recommends having silk tanks with high necklines on hand, like the AYR Echo Tank: "It's an essential layering piece that goes back to so many looks with simplicity—just elevated." She also condones a basic white button-down: "I think a clean white shirt is the most classic item in the wardrobe and something you'll never tire of," she notes. Round out your work-shirt collection with short-sleeve sweaters and striped button-downs.

Shop the tops:

Relaxed Silk Shirt by Everlane in Burgundy/Bone
Everlane Relaxed Silk Shirt $98
Theory Stretch-Silk Tank
Theory Stretch-Silk Tank $190
Violeta by Mango Cotton Shirt
Violeta by Mango Cotton Shirt $60
Zara Jacquard Sweater
Zara Jacquard Sweater $30

Two Skirts

One can never have too many pencil midi skirts. The longer length looks more directional than knee-length and pairs perfectly with every top and jacket in your closet. For polish, tuck your shirt into the skirt if it's on the longer side, or wear it loose if it's more cropped. We recommend having neutral and patterned and/or colorful versions on hand.

Shop the skirts:

Rabina Stretch-Jersey Midi Skirt
The Row Rabina Stretch-Jersey Midi Skirt $350
Goldsign The Flat Front Denim Pencil Skirt
Goldsign The Flat Front Denim Pencil Skirt $275

One Dress

AYR made quite possibly the perfect dress for the working girl. "This sophisticated silk dress comes in a neutral palette of navy or silver and can be worn as a dress or jacket interchangeably," says Cameron. "Perfect for dressier office environments with a pair of pumps, a dress, or over the shoulders as a jacket with the sleeves rolled up for fashion-forward office environments." We can see why it sold out completely.

Shop the dress:

Theory Silk Trench
Theory Silk Trench Coat $595

Two Pairs of Pants

Cameron is a proponent of two pairs of work pants in particular—dark-wash skinny jeans (for casual Fridays and the like) and slim black pants. AYR's flattering The Arrow Pant "has a lot of stretch, and the recovery is phenomenal, so it never bags out," according to Cameron. Fun fact: She divulges that the "fabric was originally created for equestrian wear because riders would get docked points when they came off the horse for baggy knees." She also recommends a skinny-jean style named after the creative director herself—Jac's Jean. "They give you a more elevated feel because of the nature of the shade and perfect fit," she notes.

Shop the pants:

Tie-Waist Straight-Leg Satin Cropped Trousers
Isa Arfen Tie-Waist Straight-Leg Satin Cropped Trousers $578 $346
AYR The Skinny in Jac's Jean
AYR The Skinny in Jac's Jean $175

Three Pairs of Shoes

Mules, loafers, and pumps are versatile enough to wear with every single one of your 10 work outfits, so stock up and mix and match to your heart's content!

Shop the shoes:

Vince Ralston Mules
Vince Ralston Mules $325
Everlane The Modern Loafers
Everlane The Modern Loafers $168
Sam Edelman Margie Pumps
Sam Edelman Margie Pumps $125

The Outfits

Casual work outfit

Striped Blouse + Black Pants + Loafers

Casual Friday work outfit

White Shirt + Skinny Jeans + Pumps

Simple work outfit

Shirtdress + Mules

Fall work outfit

Robe Jacket + Silk Tank + Black Pants + Mules

Classic work outfit

Short-Sleeve Sweater + Neutral Midi Skirt + Loafers

Cute work outfit

Shirtdress + Silk Tank + Skinny Jeans + Mules

Pencil skirt outfit idea

Robe Jacket + Silk Tank + Printed Pencil Skirt + Pumps

Conservative work outfit

Shirtdress + White Shirt + Neutral Midi Skirt + Pumps

Summer work outfit

Silk Tank + Printed Pencil Skirt + Pumps

Jeans work outfit

Short-Sleeve Sweater + Skinny Jeans + Mules

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