Beyond Margaritas—6 Simple Tequila Drinks to Sip This Summer

Even though Cinco de Mayo may have come and gone, that doesn't mean it's not always time for tequila. What's great about this specific spirit is that it doesn't need much to make the sweet, herbal, or spicy flavors pop, which is where the best simple tequila drinks come in. Whether it's fresh mango and OJ, kombucha and rose water, or even raw honey and cucumber, these tasty drinks don't need lots of extra ingredients (or shaking, for that matter).

Whether you're a pro behind the bar or just starting out, you'll still get the same delicious end result with these no-fail recipes. Plus, summer entertaining just got a heck of a lot easier since these drinks can be whipped up in no time. Some can be prepped in advance, and one can even be made a full 48 hours in advance. So go on, keep reading to see some of our favorite simple tequila drinks you can make on a moment's notice—and without a laundry list of steps. You're about to meet your summer go-tos.