The Single Girl's Guide to Decorating: 25 Tips For Living Alone

Chic living room with gallery wall

Anne Sage

Being single can come with its set of challenges: You may be going through a breakup or divorce, raising children on your own, or moving to a new city. But with the right mindset, being single can also be pretty great. Single-hood means more time to dedicate to your friendships, more freedom to explore new restaurants, freedom to learn how to cook, and the ability to focus on activities that make you happy. You also have the complete freedom to decorate with no one to put a roadblock in your tracks.

While there are no ultimate rules for decorating when single, there are a few tips that can be helpful whether you're just moving into your first space or living in a temporary rental. Are you ready to make your space your own cozy sanctuary? Read on for 25 of our best bachelorette pad décor tips to spruce up your space.

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Invest in Basics

Neutral and elegant bedroom

Tyler Karu Design + Interiors

You might want to have fun with accessories and art, but when it comes to long-term investment pieces, keep it simple and neutral. Invest in quality bedding, purchase furniture that can easily be moved from one space to the next, and keep your color palette simple. You will thank us later.

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Create a Space to Unwind

Bright bathroom oasis with vintage rug and chair and opulent chandelier

Amy Bartlam

The single life can be stressful—you might be building a career, dating, trying to stay active and healthy, building strong friendships, learning to cook, even raising children. So having a space where you can completely unwind is magical. Whether it’s a lavish soak tub or your bedroom sanctuary, fill this space with your favorite things.

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Embrace Studio Living

Modern styled studio apartment

Noelle Ryan Interiors

The big dream house might come later, but for now, learn to love your place—even if it's just a studio apartment, no matter how small or basic it is. Fill it with items you absolutely love and hone your organizational skills with a killer storage system.

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Think Airy and Light

Light, white bedroom

Calimia Home

Being single is no time to dwell on your sorrows, so don’t bury yourself in a dark and gloomy space. Pale colors and natural light can do wonders for your mood, so if you feel the need to decorate in all white, do it.

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Set Up a Vanity Station

Walk in closet with vanity station

Reena Sotropa

Facts first: You need a primping station. It can be your bathroom vanity or simply a corner of your bedroom or even your entryway, but make sure you have a mirror with good natural light and plenty of storage space for products, makeup, hair tools, and jewelry. 

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Keep Bathroom Clutter at Bay

Organized bathroom vanity with wood and gold accents

Ashley Montgomery Design

You may love your beauty products. Between beauty staples and store samples, it wouldn’t be surprising to find more than 100 bottles and jars in your bathroom, but that doesn't mean it has to take over your space. Find an organizational system and stick to it. Install shelving, or invest in a medicine cabinet if needed.

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Cultivate Your Green Thumb

Living room plant oasis with basket chair and boho accents

Black & Blooms

Living with plants is not only healthy (it purifies the air in our homes), it can also make us happier to care for something other than ourselves. The sense of accomplishment that comes with caring for a living thing can boost our confidence, so plants are a great low-maintenance alternative if you don’t have a pet.

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Start an Art Collection

Chic living room with gallery wall

Anne Sage

Art is such a personal purchase, so now is the perfect time to start your collection. Take the opportunity of being single to visit galleries or online art stores, identify your taste in art, and start collecting slowly.

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Do What Makes You Happy

Living room with pink, leather, and gold accents

White Sands

Want to buy a navy sofa? Go for it! Always wanted to paint your front door pink? No one is stopping you. This might be the last time in your life when no one will have a say in your design decisions, so do what makes you happy.

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Be Smart About Space

Corner turned into office nook with modern ladder desk

Cathie Hong Interiors

If you're newly single, it's probably time you re-evaluate what you need out of a living space. Do you end up eating in front of the TV instead of at your huge dining table? Are you tired of working from the couch? Figure out what it is you need out of your space and adjust accordingly.

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Upgrade Your Kitchen

Small condo kitchen with upgraded lighting and hardware

Desiree Burns Interiors

You might not have your dream chef’s kitchen yet, but that’s no reason to neglect it. Swap out hardware, install open shelving, and decorate with pretty accessories, lighting, and art. It might even make you want to cook more.

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Get the Right Equipment

White, gold, and wood coffee bar with espresso maker

Reena Sotropa

Think about what makes you tick. If you're a die-hard coffee addict, invest in the right coffee maker for you. If you start each day with a smoothie, splurge on a quality blender. That said, don't shell out unless it's something you know from experience you'll use.

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Make Yourself Comfortable

Eclectic living room with mustard velvet sofa and wood accent chairs

Amy Bartlam

Be honest with yourself about what styles you find aspirational vs. what you actually find livable. Sure you want it to look beautiful and stylish, but at the end of the day, you want to feel comfortable and at ease in your space, too. Spend some time getting to know your likes and dislikes, and what styles make you feel "at home."

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Decorate From the Heart

Home office decorated with photos and mementos

Calimia Home

Give yourself constant reminders to smile by decorating with mementos and things that remind you of those people, places, and things that mean the most to you. That way, even if you live alone, you'll always be surrounded by love.

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Embrace Your Quirky Side

Eclectic living room with mint green bookshelves

Rikki Snyder

Love what you love, without being judged or having to compromise. Display a quirky art collection, decorate with worldly accents collected from your travels, cover everything in sheepskin, if you want. No one will be there to rain on your decorating parade.

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Show Off Your Collections

Mid-Century wood dresser with hanging collection of hats above

Amy Bartlam

Most of us have at least one collection whether we realize it or not, be it hats, mugs, vases, or vinyl records. Give your space a personal touch and show off your collection for all to see. Hang your hats on the wall, line up your mugs on an open shelf, display your vinyl in a milk crate—whatever you find both accessible and aesthetically pleasing.

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Mix New and Vintage

Mix of modern and new pieces in a coastal bedroom

White Sands

We've said it a thousand times and we'll say it a thousand times more: blending the old with the new never fails. Bring in a few vintage pieces to style alongside new purchases for a chic, designer look that will stand the test of time.

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Add a Touch of Glam

Modern living room with palm, cognac sofa, and gold candlesticks

Ashley Montgomery Design

Channel your inner glamour girl and add a dash of glam to your space—think gilded mirrors, gold candlesticks, fancy light fixtures, and other luxe decor. It will give you a boost of confidence when entertaining and give your space a sophisticated air.

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Be the Place to Hangout

Acrylic and gold bar cart next to modern gold barstools

Desiree Burns Interiors

One of the best parts about being single (especially if you live alone) is being free to hang out with whoever you want, whenever you want. And even better is being able to host as often as you'd like. Make your pad the go-to gathering place with things like a stylish stocked bar cart, cozy seating, and a cool atmosphere.

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Make It Sexy

White brick bedroom with light linens and industrial elements

Becca Interiors

Let’s get real: Being single can also be about dating, so give your boudoir a sultry feel. No one wants to see your collection of plush toys and Hello Kitty figurines upon entering your bedroom. Install dimmers, invest in quality bedding and be playful with your artwork.

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Treat Yourself

White bathroom with clawfoot tub and bath board with flowers, soap, a candle, and book.

Ashley Montgomery Design

Odds are you haven't been giving yourself as much love and attention as you deserve. While you're single is the best time to remedy that. Invest in self-care products for pampering and treat yourself to flowers or little things that make you happy. Prioritize yourself and spend a little quality time while also beautifying your space.

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Put Your Name on It

Styled corner with arm chair, open shelves, and initialed blanket

Jenn Pablo Studio

There is a misconception that monogramming for the home is reserved for the wedding registry, but we promise you’ll love having your name stamped over your own things. Even if it’s just an initial on a blanket, it’s the little details that will make your space feel tailored.

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Let It All Hang Loose

Colorful closet in a bright, sunny bedroom

Black & Blooms

Being single means spending less money on someone else and more on yourself. To us, that means one thing: new clothes. If you're a fashionista at heart, take advantage of your killer wardrobe by using it as a design element to show off your personality and add color to your space. As if you needed an excuse to refresh your closet.

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Take Your Time

Artfully curated living room corner with fireplace, wood chair, and fiddle leaf fig.

Amy Bartlam

We know how tempting it can be to want everything immediately—after all, you're excited to start making your space feel like home. Prioritize buying what you actually need first, then slowly work towards checking things off your want list. The best spaces are those that are thoughtfully curated over time.

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Break the Rules

Modern vignette with wood architectural dresser, abstract rug, and simple styling

Anne Sage

Ultimately, the lesson here is to break the rules, live freely, and do what makes you happy. By embracing your true self, you’ll not only have an enviable bachelorette pad, but you might even come out of singledom happier, more independent, and with a stronger sense of self.