10 Fun Ways for Single Moms to Slay Valentine's Day

It’s tough to be single on Valentine’s Day, but according to Working Mother, it’s even harder to be a single mother on Valentine’s Day. “For many single/solo moms, the ‘Hallmarkification’ of February 14th can get under our skin,” writes Marika Lindholm. “Add the torture of helping your child stuff valentines for every classmate (even Jimmy, who steals your kid’s lunch), and it becomes another one of those awkward days—like New Year’s Eve and Father’s Day—that single moms just have to get through and move on.” However, it doesn’t have to be that way. If you’re a single mom planning on spending February 14 with your kiddos, congrats! You’re a positive role model demonstrating how the holiday is about more than being coupled up; it’s about being in love with your family, friends, and, most importantly, yourself. Wondering how you can treat your kids to the best Valentine’s Day ever—no significant other necessary? Here’s 10 fun ways to crush this Sunday.

  1. Throw a slumber party. Have everyone wear matching or themed pajamas, and invite the kiddos to sleep in your bed with you. Make popcorn, eat pizza, and watch a movie like Frozen—that’s about the love between two sisters, not significant others.
  2. Volunteer. Teach your kids the importance of giving back. Head to a local homeless shelter or soup kitchen and do your part to help out in any way you can.
  3. Let your kids make dinner. Bring them to the store and encourage them to plan the menu and set the table.
  4. Reward your support network. Throw a single-mom Valentine’s Day party. Invite your single-mom friends and their kids over for a pink, white, and red party. Make a big pot of spaghetti and meatballs, drink wine, and let the kids have soda.
  5. Make flower arrangements. Take the children to Trader Joe’s and ask everyone to pick out their favorite pink, white, and red blooms. Go home and get creative making pretty bouquets. Let them place their vase of flowers wherever they want in the house.
  6. Make a music video about love. Choose a fun song like The Beatles’ “All You Need Is Love,” and then come up with a routine, costumes, and script. Practice the video and use your smartphone to shoot it. You can enjoy it on Valentine’s Day for years to come!
  7. Get that pet. Have your children been begging you for a puppy, hamster, fish, or kitten? Take them to the animal shelter or pet shop and find a new member of your family.
  8. Go on an adventure. Head out to the coast and watch the surfers. Go zip-lining, horseback riding, or on a hike to a waterfall.
  9. Visit an elder. Make Valentine cards and deliver them to your older relative or neighbor who will also be alone on the holiday.
  10. Make a decadent dessert. Coconut cream pie, heart-shaped frosted sugar cookies, or chocolate molten cake are great options. Don’t get angry at the kids when they make a mess of the kitchen. While you wait for the dessert to bake, set, or cool, watch episodes of your kids’ favorite cartoons.

Having a crafternoon where you make cards for each other is another fun idea. Here’s an awesome monkey-themed card-making kit to help you get started.

Are you a single mom? How will you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your kids?