Apparently, Apple Wants Siri to Be Your New Therapist

Updated 09/15/17

Why shell out a serious portion of your paycheck on therapy when you could turn to Siri for your counseling needs? That's right, apparently giving you directions and naming song titles was not enough for the "intelligent assistant." A job listing posted by Apple reveals the company is seeking a software engineer who is well versed in health and wellness in order to help Siri provide guidance for the surprising amount of people who turn to the friendly automated voice for "serious" chats, Highsnobeity reports.

According to the job listing, many iPhone users confide in Siri during stressful or serious events. "They turn to Siri in emergencies or when they want guidance on living a healthier life," it reads. So it only makes sense that Apple would look to improving its technology to catch up with the way people are using it.

This is a step forward after a study published last year analyzed how smartphones understand mental health, interpersonal violence, and physical health and their ability to generate helpful responses. The results were less than comforting, as most of the technology responded "inconsistently and incompletely" to users looking for helpful information. When it comes to needing solid advice and consolation, how well could a cell phone really compete with a compassionate human being?

Read the full story at Highsnobiety, and read up on the latest iPhone updates next.

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