These Are the Skills Standing Between You and Your Dream Job

Updated 06/26/17

We all know that landing your dream job takes a lot more than simply checking off boxes on the position's description. Recruiters and hiring managers look for skills not necessarily advertised in the job description, ones you may not even name on your résumé. They sift through hundreds of applicants who are qualified on paper but are looking for assets beyond what's typically listed. What exactly are the skills employers look for? To clue us into strengths the most sought-after hires share, we reached out to our HR team here at MyDomaine's parent company, Clique Media Group, to identify the top skills they look for when hiring new talent.

"Generally, these skills are hard to assess from just a résumé, so I will ask questions that allow candidates to provide insight into their skills through their answers," notes Anne Kimsey, talent acquisition manager, who filled us in on exactly what she and her team look for. Aptitude in these areas is developed through experience both in and out of the workforce. It's more than just plugging in these desired buzzwords on your résumé. Your accomplishments and anecdotes describing past work experience will convey fortitude in these categories.

If you study up on the list below and hone in on these desired attributes to turn them into your strengths, you'll be better equipped come your next job interview, no matter what the position entails. Head below to see the top skills employers look for.

1. Resourcefulness

2. Problem solving

3. Decision-making ability

4. Flexibility

5. Strategic thinking and planning

6. Organization

7. Self-direction

8. Ability to collaborate

9. Self-awareness

10. Honesty

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