Avoid These 3 Inflammation Triggers If You Want Clear, Wrinkle-Free Skin

Updated 04/27/17

We know that inflammation is your immune system's natural response to a perceived threat. But Well+Good just enlightened us to the world of skin inflammation, or highly visible inflammation that manifests as redness, swelling, acne, or even wrinkles. "I began to consider wrinkles as a disease, since inflammation was present when damage to skin tissue resulted in wrinkles," said Nicholas Perricone, MD, who Well+Good calls the "OG of inflammation." Below, he outlines the three inflammation triggers to look out for if you want the clearest, most youthful skin possible:

Sugar and starchy foods: "Foods and beverages that are rapidly converted to sugar are also pro-inflammatory," he explains. That includes soda, pasta, white bread, fried foods, and anything with significant amounts of sugar.

Processed foods and anything with trans fats: Many of the items listed above also fall into the "processed foods" category. The refined sugars, trans fats, and processed wheat contained in these foods can lead to inflammation throughout the body.

Stress: The idea that stress can lead to breakouts isn't a myth. "This is a big one, along with environmental stressors, a weakened immune system, too much exposure to ultraviolet light, and hormonal changes," he adds.

Head over to Well+Good for more from Dr. Perricone, and share your favorite skin soothers in the comments below.

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