Experts Break Down the 4 Most Effective Laser Treatments for Every Skin Type

What's highly effective, misunderstood, and sounds like a fun middle school birthday party activity? Laser—but not of the schoolyard tag variety, nor the type that removes hair. We're talking about the kind of laser treatments that correct skincare concerns faster than your average face wash and moisturizer duo do. Since skin laser treatments are legally considered medical treatments, we decided to go straight to the professionals to gain some insight into the different types, what they do (how well they do them), and who they are for

But before we get into the distinctions, let's go over the basics. As doctor Adam Kolker, MD, FACS, summarizes, "All laser light treatments target various colors within the skin to achieve their results. When the laser energy finds these targets, they super-heat them to create a very controlled 'injury' to the skin that stimulates the body’s natural healing processes."

So if you've been considering a skin laser treatment but want to evaluate some objective background information first, or you're curious to explore more options to treat your skincare concerns, consider this doctor-approved breakdown your personal glossary.