The One Supplement a Dermatologist Would Add to Your Diet for Crazy-Good Skin

We know that the right combination of supplements can boost your energy and improve brain health, but the benefits of those little pills extend far beyond your internal health. In fact, dermatologists say that if your skin has lost elasticity or become dull thanks to the change in seasons, your first point of call shouldn't be Sephora—it should be your local pharmacy. 

Sure, a swipe of foundation might provide an instant fix, but boosting your hydration and taking a supplement tailored to your skin's needs will address the problem from within by boosting collagen production and more. Here, we quizzed leading dermatologists and nutrition experts with a simple question: What's the one supplement you recommend for great, glowing skin? 

Choose your area of focus—from dullness to hormonal acne—and beeline to the pharmacy for next-level, luminous skin. 

Have you tried any of these supplements to combat skin issues? Share your reviews!