Apparently, This Type of Coffee "Burns Fat as You Drink It"

Updated 06/05/18

Coffee that burns fat while you drink it may sound like a pipe dream, but as My Body+Soul reports, such is the premise of Australia's natural fat-burning coffee from the Natural Health Company. Dubbed "skinny bean coffee," each serving contains instant Brazilian coffee in addition to seven fat-burning ingredients: 500 milligrams of garcinia cambogia, 100 milligrams of raspberry ketone, 100 milligrams of African mango, 200 milligrams of L carnitine Acetyl and L carnitine tartrate, 50 milligrams of green coffee bean extract, 100 milligrams of green tea extract, and chromium picolinate.

This unique combination reportedly supports appetite control, reduces body fat, and boosts metabolism to help the drinker shed unwanted pounds. The company suggests emptying one satchet into a mug and filling it with boiling water, stirring for 20 seconds, and consuming one to two times a day. 

"Unlike other 'healthy' [coffee] alternatives, this stuff does actually taste like the real thing, boasting an addictive nutty flavor and silky-smooth blend," writes the publication. "Skinny Bean is also Australian made, low-fat, gluten-free, and [naturally sweetened]."

While we have yet to try skinny bean coffee ourselves, we admit that it has piqued our interest—who doesn't want their morning cup of coffee to do more for them? With that said, we'd be sure to research the ingredients and run them by a trusted doctor or health professional before making this a part of our daily routine, especially considering the health risks of some weight-loss supplements. Shop coffee essentials below, and head over to the Natural Health Company for more information.

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