This New Skinny Prosecco Has Fewer Calories Than a Banana

Skinny prosecco finally exists, just in time for the holiday season. After a highly successful trial run in the UK, Thomson & Scott's Skinny Prosecco will be sold in supermarkets throughout the region and online at $45 per bottle. With half the amount of sugar as a regular bottle of prosecco, Skinny Prosecco contains just 67 calories per 3.4-ounce glass—roughly 20 calories less than a banana.

Made from freshly grown grapes from the foothills of the Dolomites in Italy, Skinny Prosecco is 100% organic and gluten-free. "Our common commitment to transparency in food and drink makes us a natural fit for the millennial customers who want less sugar in their lives but don’t want to compromise on taste," said Amanda Thomson, CEO of Thomson & Scott, to The Daily Mail. "It’s great to see another brand providing choices for what to drink as well as what to eat."

While the drink is reportedly less sweet than the stuff you're used to, we're totally on board with a brand that's committed to health, even at the expense of that sugary-sweet goodness we've grown far too accustomed to. By effectively cutting out all of the unhealthy processed sugar normally added to alcoholic drinks, Thomson & Scott's prosecco will help you maintain your healthy lifestyle throughout the festive holiday season, without having to miss out on all the fun. Like Sugarfina's rosé-infused gummy bears, the vegan-friendly drink even sparked a waiting list for orders in the UK. We can't say we're surprised.

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