6 Pro Tips to Perfect a Virtual Job Interview

You've found what could be your dream job, submitted a fine-tuned résumé, and have been invited to do a video interview—now what? There's no doubt that the rules and conventions that once governed a job interview have shifted. Firm handshakes have been replaced with rehearsed on-screen introductions, Wi-Fi issues are more pressing than interview attire, and you're suddenly tasked with the challenge of conveying your personality and competitive edge from the confines of a screen. Virtual interviews might be commonplace but few realize they require a unique set of skills, says Skype career expert Maxie McCoy. Case in point: One in four participants have done an interview from a restaurant or coffee shop, and not surprisingly, 22% admit to only dressing the part from the waist up. Are you guilty? We spoke to McCoy to find out the new rules to ace a virtual interview like a boss. Here's how it's done: