Tour a New York Bachelor Pad That’s Far From Cliché

Jennifer Koen, VP of Business Development of pre-owned designer furniture marketplace Viyet—a go-to for interior pros and designphiles alike—takes us into a sophisticated New York bachelor pad and shares how to get the look.

Up-and-coming designer Joan Enger is game for a challenge! When a client turned to her after a major falling-out with his previous designer, she was prepared to work on a compressed timeline to get the space back in shape. But when she walked into the 1,500-square-foot apartment, she got a surprise: The bachelor client had barely any furniture to call his own. “The room had nothing,” Enger says, speaking of the living space. “There was just a desk from college, a TV mounted on the wall, and he was literally sitting on folding chairs. The client just said, ‘I really need help.’”

While this wasn’t great for the client’s day-to-day life, the lack of furniture was actually a good thing for Enger. “It’s harder when you have items in the space, because you have to work around it, making it more difficult to have a clear design decision,” she says. Enger soon embarked on the six-month project with a goal of fulfilling her client’s dream for a comfortable, homey space that was prime for entertaining.