This Is How a West Elm Pro Decorates a 495-Square-Foot Apartment

When you live in New York, space is one of the many things you gain a new perspective on: Washer/dryer setups are luxuries, dining rooms are almost nonexistent, and studios are the norm. So when West Elm PR and influencer marketing manager Dru Ortega and his S.O., Steven, decided to share his existing 495-square-foot studio apartment, it wasn't an issue—it was a creative challenge.

"When everything is in one room, it forces you to get really creative in the design process," Ortega tells MyDomaine. "The first thought that came to mind was How do I make him feel like this is a shared space? I was cognizant of making him feel welcome and wanted to make sure his style was integrated like we were moving into a new home together."

Given his day job, it's no surprise that the West Elm pro has learned a thing or two about carefully curating a space. Here, he invites us on an exclusive tour of his Long Island City studio apartment and shares the biggest lessons he's learned from moving in with his S.O.

Yes, it's possible to live in a studio apartment as a couple and love it—here's how.

Have you recently moved in with your S.O.? Tell us how you managed to blend your styles.