This Is How a Designer Makes a Tiny Bathroom Look Luxe

Is your bathroom size-challenged? You’re not alone. With the rise in mini apartments, more and more Americans are embracing the studio life. But your small space should never force you to compromise on taste. Aesthetics are everything, especially in a bathroom. No one likes cleaning up in a room that looks old or dirty. The challenge with a tiny baño is a lack of storage space and the challenge of fitting everything in. That’s where chic multipurpose pieces and stylish storage come into play. It’s like putting a puzzle together: Each piece has its place and purpose. You just have to be very selective about what those pieces are.

Not sure where to start? We tapped talented New York–based Australian designer Tali Roth to share her expert insight and handy tricks to turn a pint-size bathroom into a pretty one. Oh, and they’re all super affordable, too. You’re welcome.