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22 Small Bathroom Organization Ideas We Can't Wait to Copy

small bathroom organization ideas

cathie hong interiors

Tiny bathrooms seem to be the bane of renters (and old-house homeowners) everywhere. Bathrooms become the landing spot for a lot of items that just need a place to go, and small-space storage is a tricky task. Luckily, we've rounded up 22 of our favorite small bathroom organization ideas—keep reading and get ready to reorganize.

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Add Tall and Narrow Shelving

small bathroom organization ideas tall and narrow shelving

a fresh space

To add extra storage to your teeny-tiny bathroom, look for a narrow shelving unit like A Fresh Space did here. You'll be surprised at how much extra space this provides. Plus, if you'd rather have a shelving unit that blends into your already-cramped space, use a glass one that doesn't take up much space visually.

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Bring in Baskets

small bathroom organization ideas baskets

katie hodges design

Baskets are a great way to provide stylish, low-key storage to your small bathroom. They're a good pick to store bulky items, like toilet paper rolls or small bathroom appliances.

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Add Countertop Storage

small bathroom organization ideas countertop drawers

a fresh space

Your bathroom countertops are a great spot for items you use daily, like makeup, soap, or face wash. But rather than lining everything up in a row, buy some clear countertop drawers for extra storage. It makes it easy to find what you need and doesn't take up much space.

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Keep a Basket on Top of the Toilet

small bathroom organization ideas basket toilet

arbor & co.

Add a basket on top of the toilet to hold a few extra bathroom linens and rolls of toilet paper. The basket provides a stylish organization solution, and it keeps bulky items from taking up space in your vanity or shelving.

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Use Your Door

small bathroom organization ideas door

neat method nyc

Your bathroom door is an oft-forgotten treasure trove of storage opportunities. The back of a bathroom door can hold rows of shelves and racks, perfect for bottles, brushes, and anything else you may need.

Label your shelves, like Neat Method NYC did here, so that you can keep everything in the correct spot.

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Try Narrow Shelves

small bathroom organization ideas narrow shelves

neat by meg

Another space-minimizing bathroom storage solution is found in narrow picture ledges. They don't take up much space and provide just enough room to line bottles and tubes up. Their narrow silhouette minimizes clutter too.

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Store Items Where They're Needed

 small bathroom organization ideas nearby storage

arbor & co.

Convenience is a crucial part of organization—even the most perfectly organized bathroom closet will become frustrating if needed items are hard to get to. To remedy this, store items near where they're needed—shower items near the shower, toilet items near the toilet, and so on.

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Store Underneath Your Sink

small bathroom organization ideas under the sink

neat by meg

It's time to restore the space under your sink. It's probably chaotic, messy and underused, and it doesn't need to be any of those things. Use stacking storage bins and baskets to organize items around plumbing and pipes, and you'll be left with a tidy space that's full of storage.

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Add a Small Dresser

small bathroom organization ideas dresser

katie leclerq

An empty spot in your small bathroom can be the ideal spot for a narrow dresser to hold extra linens and toiletries. It provides a little bit of a down-to-earth farmhouse feeling too.

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Install Bamboo Drawer Organizers

small bathroom organization ideas bamboo drawer organizers

breathing room organization

If you have narrow bathroom drawers that are filled with random bottles, brushes, and loose-ends, it's time to provide some organization. Bamboo drawer organizers are a durable storage solution that provide a calming modern look to your small bathroom, and you can find them in nearly any size.

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Store Away Your Big Items

small bathroom organization ideas big item

breathing room organization

Bulky bathroom items, like hair dryers and straighteners, have no place on the countertops of a pint-sized bathroom. They waste valuable counter-space and can make the bathroom look cluttered. Instead, store big items away in drawers and cabinets, using bins and dividers to keep them organized.

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Add a Ladder Shelf

small bathroom organization ideas ladder shelf

breathing room organization

Ladder shelves are a space-saving shelving solution—perfect for a small bathroom. Ladder shelves are a great way to store bathroom linens and excess toiletries, like Breathing Room Organization did here.

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Use Lazy Susans

small bathroom organization ideas lazy susan

breathing room organization

Rotating lazy Susans help you use all the space in your bathroom shelf or cabinet. They it make it easier to access the supplies you need—no more pulling out five bottles to access the one you want.

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Add Over-the-Toilet Shelving

small bathroom organization ideas over the toilet shelving

cathie hong interiors

It's important not to waste any space in small bathrooms, including wall space over the toilet. The space over the toilet is a good spot for a few shelves or an over-the-toilet rack, both of which can hold towels, baskets, or jars.

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Don't Waste Deep Drawers

small bathroom organization ideas deep drawers

neat by meg

Many vanities now have one or two deep drawers rather than a row of shallow ones. If you have a small bathroom, it's crucial that you use all the space you have. To do this with deeper drawers, use baskets to separate groups of items and stand things up, rather than laying them down.

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Install Clear Drawer Organizers

small bathroom organization ideas clear drawer organizers

breathing room organization

Are your bathroom drawers filled with items that deserve to stand out, rather than be hidden away? Show off some of your favorite brands with clear drawer organizers, which provide a tidy look without distracting from the look of that luxury lipstick tube.

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Add a Dish

small bathroom organization ideas dish

arbor & co.

Though your countertop shouldn't be the home of every single bathroom item, it often needs to be the home for your daily essentials. To keep this essentials looking organized, place them on a small dish, like Arbor & Co. did here. The dish provides a stylish place for your everyday items and keeps your countertop looking neat.

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Try Under-the-Sink Drawers

small bathroom organization ideas under the sink drawers

breathing room organization

Another way to efficiently use all the space under your sink is with drawers. Drawers ensure you can access items that are tucked all the way in the back, and they keep everything looking neat and put-together.

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Use a Rolling Cart

small bathroom organization ideas rolling cart

arbor & co.

Not only do rolling carts double as bar carts or craft carts, but they can also double as bathroom carts too. These slim shelves-on-wheels can hold extra linens and toiletries, and their top shelf can hold everyday items too.

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Install a Shelf Over the Sink

small bathroom organization ideas above the sink

arbor & co.

Another great place to install a shelf in your small bathroom? Above the sink! This works best if you have a mirror that sits high above the sink, otherwise this wall space is often wasted.

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Use in-Shower Storage

small bathroom organization ideas in shower storage

cathie hong interiors

Don't forget that your shower comes with plenty of storage opportunities too. Whether it's a built-in enclave for soaps and shampoos, or an over-the-showerhead rack with room for bottles and tubes aplenty, take advantage of the space your shower offers.

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Try a China Cabinet

small bathroom organization ideas china cabinet

katie leclerq

Narrow china cabinets aren't just for dining rooms anymore—they can work in bathrooms too. You don't want to use a family heirloom for this, but a used one from a thrift store can be a unique storage addition to your small bathroom.