11 Small Bedroom Chairs to Put Your Empty Corner to Good Use

The sole purpose of a bedroom might be to get a good night's sleep, but a well-styled space will make you want to spend hours at home—not just the moment it's time to catch some z's. If you've already purchased all the practical necessities for your bedroom (basically a bed, a nightstand, and a dresser), there's one more item to add: an accent chair.

Sure, it's not an essential, but adding an accent chair is the perfect way to put your empty corner to good use and diversify the space. If you're renting, it'll act as the perfect reading nook when you're craving alone time from roommates, and if you're decorating a master bedroom, it'll make the space look luxurious. Not sure how to style that empty corner? Choose one of these 11 small bedroom chairs to put it to good use.