20 Tiny Bedrooms That Don't Skimp on Style

tiny bedroom

Nicole Franzen

Having a small space may burden you with more storage issues than your neighbor with greater square footage, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy a beautiful space, too. Feel uninspired by your teeny-tiny set-up? Not so enthusiastic that your bedroom is actually, um, a closet? We've got you covered with a curated collection of tiny but chic bedrooms. It's time to make your sleeping space totally dreamy.

Here are our best design tips for truly tiny bedrooms.

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Choose Bold Curtains

small bedroom
Nicole Franzen

You may not have much square footage to work with, but a few sculptural pieces and a mix of patterns will infuse all the personality you need. These palm leaf curtains frame the bed in, creating symmetry, and make the room feel way more fun.

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Embrace the Cozy

small bedroom
Nicole Franzen

Standing up is not an option in this vertically challenged loft bedroom, but it seems like the perfect place to doze off. Add lots of pillows and throw blankets to up the cozy vibes.

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Forgo the Gallery Wall

Small bedroom decorating tips

Ryan Liebe; DESIGN: Emily Henderson

Instead of a gallery wall, which can make a small space feel too busy, opt for one large framed work of art. It adds personality to your room, without overwhelming it.

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Have a Storage System

Small bedroom storage ideas

 Sara Tramp; DESIGN: Emily Henderson

Storage is key in a small bedroom, so make sure you have a system that's functional and stylish. You can find plenty of cute storage bins so everything has a place. If you don't want any bins on display, store them under the bed.

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Take Advantage of Wall Space

small bedrooms

 Tessa Neustadt; DESIGN: Sara Tramp for Emily Henderson

Walls aren't just for artwork—your clothing can double as décor, too, with a chic hanging rack. This trick gives you more closet space and keeps your walls from feeling bare.

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Create Symmetry

Symmetrical Bedroom
Kate Osborne DESIGN: Studio McGee

Just because your bedroom is small doesn't mean you should forgo double nightstands. Creating symmetry in a small room helps it feel more cohesive, so opt for a smaller bed and smaller nightstands to create the look with less space.

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Mix Textures

Bedroom Art
Monica Wang

From the cozy sheepskin to the patterned area rug, to the bedding—this small bedroom has a mix of textures, and it makes it feel so cozy. Mixing textures is also a way to add dimension to a space, without being too bold or busy.

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Lean Your Mirror

Leaning Mirror
Becky Kimball DESIGN: Studio McGee

Mirrors can instantly make a small room feel so much larger, but we love this trick because it serves you, too. Getting ready in the morning will be so much easier with a full-length standing mirror in your bedroom to try on outfits in.

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Keep It Neutral

Small Bedroom Furniture

Courtesy of Fantastic Frank 

We can never resist a white, bright, and airy room, no matter how big or small it is. This tiny bedroom feels so soothing thanks to the natural light, ethereal curtains, and neutral palette.

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Choose Light Paint Colors

Blue Bedroom
Fantastic Frank

It's the oldest trick in the book, but the lighter the paint color, the bigger the room will feel. If white feels too bland for you, opt for baby blue, light pink, or butter yellow.

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Add Greenery

small bedroom tips
Mary Costa; DESIGN: Jennifer Wallenstein

Bring the outdoors in with a large potted plant. Whether you go real or faux, adding a touch of greenery to your small room will make it feel homey, cozy, and add will a pop of color to the space.

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Incorporate Built-Ins

Small Master Bedrooms
Courtesy of Amber Interiors

Because you're probably lacking in storage and wall space in your small bedroom, incorporating built-ins is a way to gain more storage. Opt for ones with both open and closed shelving, so the open ones can be used to display décor, while the closed ones can be used to hide clutter.

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Go Boho

Cozy Bedroom
Sarah Sherman Samuel

Choosing Bohemian design elements, like a rattan bed and patterned rug is a way to infuse a ton of personality into a small space, without having to clutter it with a bunch of décor items. In this small room, the bed, rug, and pendant are all that are needed to make the room feel stylish and complete.

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Make an Accent Wall

small bedroom design
Julia Sperling ; DESIGN: Jessica McCarthy

An accent wall is a fun way to add personality to a room, without feeling like it's just too much. This is particularly helpful in small rooms. Wallpaper or paint the wall behind your bed, but leave the rest of the walls neutral.

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Add Height

Small Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas
Courtesy of BHDM Design

You might think a four-poster bed is a no-no in a small room, but it can actually work to your advantage. It draws your eye up, focusing on the vertical space of the room, rather than the small width.

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Eliminate Clutter

Clutter-Free Bedroom
Pella Hedeby

Clutter is going to show up much more in a small bedroom than a large one, so keep everything contained. If possible, pare down and keep only what you really need in the room.

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Get an Oversized Sconce

Small Master Bedroom Design Ideas
Courtesy of Amber Interiors

An oversized sconce creates a trompe l'oeil effect to make your space appear larger. It also conserves floor space, eliminating the need for a floor lamp, and doubles as décor.

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Try a Built-In Nightstand

Small Bedroom Ideas
Courtesy of BHDM Design

Take your nightstand off the floor to conserve floor space. It'll make the room feel larger, and add unique personality to the room.

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Choose a Soothing Palette

Bedroom unified by blue and purple tones


This is something that's relevant in both large and small bedrooms, but a soothing color palette will feel more tranquil and help you relax —plus it'll also help make the room feel bigger. That doesn't mean you have to stick to whites, though. This room incorporates pink, purple, and blue, and the result is soft and calming.

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Add a Statement Light

zen bedroom decorating ideas
Alyssa Rosenheck for Oxford Exchange Design

You won't necessarily have a lot of room to make bold style statements, so do it with a statement piece of lighting. This chandelier stands out in a small bedroom and helps to glam it up.

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