Before and After: A Major Makeover for a Small Space

A few months back, designer and blogger Gabrielle Savoie of Savvy Home moved from a comparatively spacious 1400-square-foot apartment to a much more petite 515-square-foot unit. In order to make her small surroundings work for her, Savoie embarked on a redesign of her home to redefine and optimize the room for small-space living. “This room serves as my living room, dining room, and office, so it had to become multipurpose and functional, but also welcoming and comfortable,” says the designer. “I was inspired by my love of coastal homes and the compactness of yacht cabins.” Utilizing a minimal color palette and careful and deliberate styling, Savoie created a space that feels like a modern seaside escape full of life, texture, and personal accents. Keep scrolling to see the full transformation!