These Dining Room Ideas Prove a Small Space Can't Cramp Your Style

Having spent the first few months of this year searching for the perfect apartment, I've realized that one aspect is the ultimate measure of luxury in New York City. No, it's not a washer-dryer or dishwasher (although they're a big plus); it's a dining room. When space is limited, dining rooms are often the first thing to go, but they're one of the most important areas in a home if you love to entertain. Having a dedicated dining area encourages you to host friends, chat with your S.O. sans technology, and even make more home-cooked meals—it can prompt a total lifestyle change.

If you're convinced that your apartment is just too tiny to fit a dining table and chairs, think again. These small–dining room ideas on Instagram prove that with the right furniture (and a few pro tips), it's possible. Here's how to find the space for a dining area, no matter the size of your home.

Have you managed to find space for a dining area in your small apartment? Share your decorating tips with us below.