10 Small Guest Room Ideas That Are Larger Than Life

Small Bedroom Furniture

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Raise your hand if you've ever turned your guest bedroom into storage space or a home gym you never ended up using. Spare bedrooms can be a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, an extra bedroom presents an opportunity to host friends and family when they're visiting. On the other hand, it also means having an extra room to decorate. But it is possible to make a small guest room feel finished, even when it's a tiny space.

Sometimes, all you need are a few essentials to make people feel at home. Think adequate lighting, a mirror, fresh bedding, and a little storage space. In addition to covering the essentials, we've also rounded up our most stylish tips to make your guest room worthy of a five-star review.

Read on for our favorite small guest room ideas.

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Pay Attention to the Nightstand

Small Guest Room Ideas: A simple nightstand with lighting and a catch all for keys etc.
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No matter how big or small, make sure the guest bedroom nightstand has the essentials: a source of light like a reading lamp, and a catchall to throw jewelry or keys.

Add extra touches to the nightstand like a water carafe, a book, or a scented candle, but the essentials (such as a light) have to be there too.

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Keep It Cozy

Guest Room Décor Ideas: Include essentials like a mirror and rug
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Look around the room for those extra touches that'll make the space extra comfortable: a soft rug to put your feet down on in the morning and a mirror to get your hair under control before heading out for breakfast. A full-length mirror is ideal, but at the very least, a smaller wall-hung mirror will make your guests feel at ease before they venture out of the room.

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Give Them Storage Space

Small Guest Room Decorating Ideas: Ample storage space in a streamlined guest room
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Storage space is always appreciated when you're staying at someone's house, so try to empty the closets and drawer dressers, or add a folding luggage rack to make it easier for guests to unpack. A tray filled with essentials like toothpaste and snacks is also a nice touch that's simple but always appreciated. Furthermore, an extra long bedside table with dressers functions both as a desk and storage space.

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Play Double Duty

Small Guest Room Décor Ideas: A room doubles as extra closet space and the guest room
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Often, our guest rooms play double-duty, so don't be afraid to make your space multipurpose by adding shoe storage or a desk. A daybed doubles perfectly as a single bed if you don't have a ton of space.

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Add the Finishing Touches

Guest Room Ideas: A room with fresh bedding and a plant in the corner of the room
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Add finishing touches that'll give your guests a positive experience: Quality, fresh bedding, and a toiletry kit go a long way towards making guests comfortable, for example.

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Get Fresh Blooms

four poster bed


Pick up fresh flowers and arrange them in a vase to place on the nightstand as a thoughtful welcome gesture. Bonus: they'll add a pop of color and a fragrant scent to the space.

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Choose a Chic Wastebasket

boho bedroom

Amber Interiors

Don't forget a wastebasket for guests to toss their old baggage stickers, ticket stubs, crumpled up snack wrappers, and other items they've collected over the course of their travels.

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Choose Window Treatments Thoughtfully

Small Bedroom Furniture

Courtesy of Fantastic Frank 

Ensure that your window treatments reflect the needs of the room. Blackout curtains layered over light-filtering shades will ensure privacy and darkness for your guests, but will also allow light in when you need it.

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Make a Statement

Pink bedroom with large patterned rug


Looking to go that extra mile when decorating your guest bedroom? Don't be afraid to make a statement. For example, opt for a bold headboard, funky wall art (try a gallery wall, with tips from design guru Emily Henderson), and built-in lighting for a unique aesthetic that will ensure your guests have an unforgettable stay.

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Hook It Up

dark wall bedroom


Another genius idea: door hooks on the back of the doors, which will come in handy for towels and coats. Choose from over-the-door hooks or wall-mounted versions.

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