14 Small IKEA Kitchen Tables for Your Tiny Apartment

Small Kitchen Table
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Of the many small-space conundrums you may face when decorating a tiny apartment or house, finding the perfect kitchen table is likely chief among them. Not only does it have to fit in tight quarters, but it also has to function for your lifestyle, and ideally match your aesthetic, as well. Retailers like IKEA practically specialize in small spaces, so you can find plenty of IKEA kitchen tables that'll solve all your problems.

The Swedish design store offers a variety of small kitchen tables with matching chairs to boot in every color and style you could imagine. Many also come with expandable leaves that make it easy to turn a small IKEA kitchen table into a larger dining area.

1. Extendable

IKEA Ekedalen/Bernhard Table and 2 Chairs $427

This small space-friendly IKEA kitchen table is perfect for a tiny apartment with just one or two inhabitants. However, if you plan on entertaining, you can easily extend the table with a leaf that's sneakily stored under the tabletop.

2. Rustic

Ikea LERHAMN table
IKEA Lerhamn $149

To add a rustic touch to your space, go for this pine table top with white legs. It's light and neutral, making the rest of your space feel larger.

3. Café Style

IKEA Gamlared/Stefan Table and 2 Chairs $139

This quaint little circular table will transport you to a small café every time you sit down. All you need is a croissant and a café au lait.

4. Sophisticated

IKEA Lisabo/Idolf Table and 4 Chairs $425

A closer inspection of this simple black table actually reveals variations in the wood, giving the piece a more natural feel. It would look sophisticated in any modern space.

5. Cozy

IKEA Ingatorp Table and 4 Chairs $825

Transform your small kitchen into a welcoming cottage with this traditional white table and matching chairs.

6. Retro

IKEA Docksta/Janinge Table and 4 Chairs $435

This round table evokes a 60's mod style. Paired with colorful chairs, it will add a whimsical touch to even the smallest of spaces.

7. Bar Height

IKEA Norråker Bar Table and Stools $347

Forgo a traditional kitchen table and opt for a sleek bar table and stool. It won't take up much space, but it will make a statement.

8. Clean and Modern

IKEA Janinge Table and 4 Chairs $435

This IKEA kitchen table can be adjusted to fit your needs. Allow the drop-leaf bamboo tabletop to hang at the sides of the table, or extend it out to fit guests.

9. Farmhouse

IKEA Ingatorp/Ingolf Table and 2 Chairs $129

This farmhouse IKEA kitchen table easily transforms to fit a variety of sizes. It seats two to four people depending on how many of the two leaves you utilize.

10. Large-Capacity

IKEA Nordviken table and chairs
IKEA Nordviken/Nordviken Table and 4 Chairs $769

No one will guess that this chic, extendable kitchen table is from IKEA. It can seat as many as eight people.

11. Streamlined

IKEA Docsta/Tobias Table and 4 Chairs $515

Sit comfortably around this small IKEA kitchen table. It comes with clear chairs that create the illusion of more space.

12. Traditional

IKEA Lerhamn Table and 2 Chairs $149

For a traditional look, go for this dark brown IKEA kitchen table set fit for two.

13. Elegant

IKEA Ingatorp/Henriksdal Table and 4 Chairs $729

Even a small kitchen seating area can feel like a dining room with the right furniture. If you have room for it, this classic IKEA kitchen table and dining chairs would feel luxe in any space.

14. Low-Maintenance

IKEA Mörbylånga/Bernhard Table and 4 Chairs $995

An oak top layer gives this IKEA kitchen table character and distinction, despite its modest size. The table is resistant to scratches, liquid, and heat, making it easy to care for.

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