7 Things a Designer Would Never Do in a Small Kitchen

The kitchen is often one of the most used rooms in the house. It's where homecooked meals and take-out plates alike are prepared. It's where snacks are munched, lunches are packed, and likely where you and your family or roommates sit down together to enjoy a meal and a bit of company.

So, even if your kitchen is on the smaller side, it's still vital to get the most out of this space. "It's important to make kitchens as efficient and organized as possible," says interior designer Anne Hepfer. According to her, space planning is important in both large and small kitchens, which is why no matter what type of space you have, you'll want to consider your needs before you start decorating or redesigning.

For example, sometimes drawers are better than shelves, but sometimes shelves make more sense in a small space, according to the designer. "It's easier to stack dishes on floating shelves than to tuck them away in a cabinet that makes a space feel smaller," she points out. No matter what, the goal is always to make every bit of space you have in a small kitchen count, whether that means installing new shelves, creating a microwave drawer under the counter to free up space, or organizing trays and cookie sheets in narrow spaces (just to name a few ideas).

If you're ready to make a few changes to your small kitchen but don't want to make a common mistake, keep reading to learn the design faux pas to avoid what to do instead. Ahead, Hepfer shares seven things that she would never do in a small kitchen.