25 Small Laundry Room Ideas That Still Make Space for Style

A small laundry room adorned with an eye-catching pendant light

LeClair Decor

The laundry room is a space reserved for functionality, but it's often overlooked when it comes to personal style. And if you're working with limited square footage, it's even more likely that redecorating is low on your laundry list of things to do.

But as any design-obsessed dweller knows, no home is complete until every room boasts its own style, décor, and storage solutions—and yes, this includes the small, low-traffic, rarely visited ones too, like the laundry room.

Because we want this often-overlooked space to function well and look even better, we put together 10 small laundry rooms that make a huge impact.

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Invest In Custom Cabinetry

small laundry rooms

Design: Emily Henderson, Photo: Tessa Neustadt

Custom cabinetry can be expensive, but if you're looking to totally overhaul your small laundry space, this is where you'll want to spend the bulk of your money. Having storage custom-fitted to your unique space will make all the difference, not just in the look and feel, but in the functionality of your laundry room as well.

Everything will have its own space, making it easy to keep things organized, plus, you can hide away all traces of clutter, leaving you with a streamlined, neat-looking workspace.

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Be Mindful Of Your Space

small laundry rooms

Desin: Ashley Clark, Photo: Ryan Garvin

When designing your laundry room, it's important to evaluate the size and layout of your space before loading in the bulky items. We love how well this space utilizes this nook and incorporated a stacked washer and dryer rather than the typical side-by-side set. Doing so leaves plenty of work room along the side wall to fold, sort, and hang laundry without feeling cramped.

The added elements of wood countertops and a framed landscape will make you feel like you're doing your chores in the French countryside.

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Mix Up Your Storage Solutions

small laundry rooms

Sarah Sherman Samuel 

If you're in serious need of storage space, don't just settle on a single solution. This space is just as functional as it is beautiful because it incorporates cabinets, shelves, and counter space without feeling cramped. If we're being honest, we can't think of a more thought-out workspace—or one more beautiful, either.

Hide linens, cleaning supplies, and bulky items in cabinets, store often-used items on easy-to-reach shelves, and take advantage of counter space for folding and sorting laundry.

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Dress It Up

small laundry rooms

Sarah Sherman Samuel

We love good wallpaper. A bold print has a way of transforming even the smallest, most-bland spaces into an Instagrammable backdrop. And the best part is if you go with a peel-and-stick option, it's renter-friendly to boot.

This dark, moody floral wallpaper works so well here because this laundry room has plenty of natural light to brighten things up, even with the dark washes of wood on the counter and floors. If you're working with a windowless or underground space, a bright and airy color palette may be more suitable.

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DIY a Hanging Rod

A laundry room with bold blue cabinets and matching metallic gold hangers

Michelle Berwick Design

Sometimes, less truly is more. Keep a streamlined look to your small laundry room with the addition of a slim hanging rod for drying clothes. This built-in metallic rod looks like it's right at home in the space—while saving precious floor space sans drying rack.

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Make It Pretty and Practical

A farmhouse laundry room with a built-in wood table.

Twelve on Main

From detergents and soaps to lost socks and backup linens, laundry rooms have a way of accumulating loads of stuff. But rather than let the clutter cramp your style, use it to your advantage. Decant your jugs and tubs and store their contents in stylish jars and bottles. For less-used items, grab yourself some matching baskets and a drawer unit for a uniform look that hides all your dirty laundry.

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Go Incognito

small laundry rooms

A-List Interiors

If this tiny laundry room doesn't prove that square footage (or the lack thereof) is a state of mind, we don't know what will. We love how this shallow closet fits an entire laundry room inside and doesn't skimp on an ounce of style. Best of all, the wallpaper brings tons of personality to this tiny tucked-away laundry room. It's so cute, you might not want to close those closet doors.

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Give It a Vibe

small laundry rooms

Courtesy of The Simply Distressed

The rest of your home boasts a personality all its own, so it's only right your laundry room follows suit. If you're working with a rustic farmhouse theme in your kitchen and living room, why not carry it through to this space as well?

The white subway tile and black grout, paired with a repurposed wood door, mason jar decanters, and wooden floating shelves make this feel like an extension of your home, rather than just a space you use to knock out your chores.

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Tuck It Away

A kitchenette featuring two laundry machines tucked behind a sliding black barn door

Design: Mindy Gayer Design, Photo: Vanessa Lentine

If you are lacking a dedicated laundry room, this handy trick can help create the perfect washing space: a barn door. Tuck away your washer and dryer in plain sight with the help of a barn door to disguise it.

Taking another tip from this space: if you need laundry storage, utilize pantry space in your kitchen for some concealed storage, as seen here.

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Light It Up

A small laundry room adorned with an eye-catching pendant light

LeClair Decor

Laundry rooms are commonly set up in garages, basements, or small awkward spaces, and thus, lack good lighting. Rather than let your workspace look dark and drab, be mindful of the lighting situation when you get to redecorating.

If you're looking for a bright solution for a fraction of the price, simply install overhead lighting and dress it up with a stylish pendant. You'd be surprised what some good lighting could do for a tiny space like this.

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Maximize Your Space

small laundry rooms

Kate Marker Interiors

When you're working with limited square footage, it's important you put every space in your home to good use. Sure, it's called a laundry room, but that doesn't mean it can't also be a greenhouse, a pet motel, and an emergency room packed with first-aid essentials. 

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Add a Window

small laundry rooms

Amber Pierce Designs

Nothing makes a room feel more claustrophobic than not having a window—even the smallest space can benefit greatly from some natural light. If the budget allows, add a window or two to completely transform your tiny laundry room.

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Utilize Overhead Space

small laundry rooms

Kate Marker Interiors

While your most-used items must be kept within reach, you'd be remiss to overlook overhead space. Your ceiling often goes untouched, but the addition of a hanging rack for wet and clean clothes can make this empty area feel functional without eating into your small laundry room space.

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Work with Awkward Spaces

small laundry rooms

KATE LESTER interiors

Some might call a tiny corner nook an awkward space, but we see every extra alcove as an opportunity. We love how this laundry room utilizes this corner cutout as a handwashing station. 

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Utilize the Space Above Your Door

small laundry rooms


Rather than hiding clutter behind a door, try organizing all your essentials above your door. The space over your door frame is often overlooked, but this laundry room is proof that an overhead cabinet system is a much smarter use of your space.

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Hide It In Plain View

small laundry rooms


A laundry room is a state of mind. If you have space to install a washer and dryer, you can have yourself a laundry room no matter where it is. The trick is to make the surrounding area look incredibly chic. For instance, this kitchen and mudroom area is so stylish, you barely notice the exposed washer and dryer.

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Hide Them Altogether

small laundry rooms


You don't need a dedicated laundry room to have a laundry space. This custom hutch hides your washer and dryer when it's not in use, making it easy to hide your machines in a bathroom or kitchen.

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Stack Your Washer and Dryer

small laundry rooms


When you're only given so much space, it's important to get creative with the placement of everything in it. By stacking your front-loading machines, you can maximize every inch of even the tiniest laundry room.

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Use Every Inch of Space

small laundry rooms


When you're low on space, you can't let even a few inches go to waste. The dead space between your washer and dryer is the most underutilized in a laundry room—slide in a wire drawer unit or any other narrow storage solution to double your organization space.

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Get Creative With Storage

small laundry rooms


Laundry room supplies can be bulky and make a washroom look cluttered. This space hides unsightly supplies when they're not in use, making for a gorgeous and functional laundry room. We love how the ironing board folds into a drawer and the laundry basket slides out under the dryer door. This is a great way to preserve space while still housing all your essentials.

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Hang Your Hamper

small laundry rooms


A hamper is vital in any laundry room, but it's often unsightly and bulky. We love how this tiny washroom utilizes unused wall space to organize dirty clothes. And the best part is you'll be able to separate colors from darks and whites without taking up valuable floor area.

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Hang Your Supplies

small laundry rooms


As much as we love a perfectly curated supply shelf, space doesn't always allow for one. Hanging a rod above your workspace is the perfect solution for organizing your most-used laundry supplies. Hang items like scrubbing brushes, scissors, and even decor from S hooks to keep what you need within reach.

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Settle for a Laundry Wall

small laundry rooms


An entire room dedicated to washing your dirty clothes may not be an option for you, but surely you have a wall to spare in another room. This darling home office doubles as a laundry room so you can catch up on washes between meetings.

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Try a Dark Color

small laundry rooms


Surely you've heard the myth that painting a room in a dark color makes it feel smaller—that's a rumor. Painting your cabinets black can open up a space, making it feel larger, airier, and not to mention, elegant. And who doesn't want that in a laundry room? 

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Make It Your Home's Catchall

small laundry rooms


There's no better place to keep dirty clothes than the laundry room, of course, and truthfully, there's no better way to make it function well than to make this your first stop at the end of a long day. Position a mini mudroom alongside your washer and dryer so things can easily make their way into the hamper.