How to Create a Chic Mudroom When You Don't Have One

If there's one room in the house that ranks high on the style priority list, it's the entryway. Whether it's a modest welcome or a grand entrance you're after, this is where you set the tone for your entire home. When it's chic and clutter-free, this humble space can truly lift your spirits when you return from work. Likewise, if it's dirty, messy, and disorganized, it can affect your mood. Need help? We're going to show you how to eradicate clutter once and for all. It's time to create a mudroom. 

This traditional backdoor entry is the go-to for hanging jackets and raincoats; storing shoes and umbrellas; and stashing hats, scarves, dog leashes, and even laundry. Typically the mudroom can be found at a completely separate entry of the house, usually around the side, but what if you don't have a second way in? It's okay; we've got you covered. Here are a few key pieces you need to create your own stylish makeshift mudroom. Out of sight, out of mind.


Every mudroom needs storage, but since this is also your entryway, make sure it's stylish too. We love IKEA storage options because they're luxe and low cost (our favorite combination). Look for woven baskets that double as décor and unique timber boxes to stash excess items without messing up your aesthetic.