How to Create a Chic Mudroom When You Don't Have One

Alyssa Rosenheck ; DESIGN: Julie Couch Interiors

If there's one room in the house that ranks high on the style priority list, it's the entryway. Whether it's a modest welcome or a grand entrance you're after, this is where you set the tone for your entire home. When it's chic and clutter-free, this humble space can truly lift your spirits when you return from work. Likewise, if it's dirty, messy, and disorganized, it can affect your mood. Need help? We're going to show you how to eradicate clutter once and for all. It's time to create a mudroom. 

This traditional backdoor entry is the go-to for hanging jackets and raincoats; storing shoes and umbrellas; and stashing hats, scarves, dog leashes, and even laundry. Typically the mudroom can be found at a completely separate entry of the house, usually around the side, but what if you don't have a second way in? It's okay; we've got you covered. Here are a few key pieces you need to create your own stylish makeshift mudroom. Out of sight, out of mind.

Every mudroom needs storage, but since this is also your entryway, make sure it's stylish too. We love IKEA storage options because they're luxe and low cost (our favorite combination). Look for woven baskets that double as décor and unique timber boxes to stash excess items without messing up your aesthetic.

Modular Wire Wall Grid Set
Urban Outfitters Modular Wire Wall Grid Set $79

Do you come home and need a place to put your wallet, hat, keys, and handbag? This wall-storage option is super glam with its gold-wire look, and it comes complete with hooks for hanging the keys, belts, and dog leashes too. It's super handy and cool.

IKEA Knipsa $15

IKEA never fails to disappoint. This is one of our favorite storage pieces because it can be tucked neatly inside an IKEA Kallax shelf unit or on the floor. It's great for storing kids' shoes and spare toys as they come in too.

Extra Large Leather Wall Hanging Envelope
MinKaraGoods Extra Large Leather Wall Hanging Envelope $116

Don't let your spare papers, bills, and work files pile up on the kitchen bench. Put them in this leather wall pocket as you walk in the door. It's so chic.

Halton Oval Rattan Basket Tall
Crate & Barrel Halton Oval Rattan Basket Tall $90

Rattan might be a grandma trend, but we can't get enough of it in our modern homes. This woven basket will sit pretty in your mudroom. It makes laundry day look good.

Aside from storage, every mudroom needs hardware. We're talking hooks, coat racks, stylish wall hangers—anything that promises to keep things clutter-free. These hooks will be the first thing you look for as you walk in the door. 


De-clutter a small entryway with these space-saving hooks. They're the perfect place for coats, scarves, and hats. We love the simple design, but really we just adore anything in edgy mixed metals. 

Eames Hang-It-All $199

If you really want to up your style game, go for the cool Eames Hang-It-All. Made of solid walnut with a powder-coated finish, this is how you make an entrance.

Crate & Barrel Leigh Wall-Mounted Coat Rack $75

If you prefer a more industrial, utilitarian vibe, you'll love this mounted coat rack. It's practical and stylish, all wrapped in one very cool piece of décor. 


This one is for the traditionalists who miss the classic art of putting your accessories on a hat rack. This one combines that nostalgia with a modern look, and we think every mudroom should have one.

Alyssa Rosenheck; DESIGN: Lori Paranjape

When you walk in from a long day, it's nice to see a stylish bench to rest your weary bones on while you remove your shoes and outerwear. There's a different style for every mudroom size, though these cool IKEA stools would work here too.

Wheaton Dining Bench
Target Threshold Wheaton Dining Bench $120 $96

When we're looking for affordable chic, Target has us covered—you should see Nate Berkus's fall collection

Wood Natural Edge Bench
Haussman Inc Wood Natural Edge Bench $480 $329

If vintage is more your style, we recommend a Haussmann bench. This period piece is a fashionable fusion of classic and modern in one (and it's comfortable too).

Teak Step Stool
Serena & Lily Teak Step Stool $128

If your mudroom is seriously size-challenged then a smaller stool will do the trick. This one from Zara Home will still cater to your practical needs while looking stylish at the same time.

Shop Horne Artless Occidental Bench $1920

Sometimes less is more (actually most times), and this solid timber piece has all the clean lines and modernity we crave. It's timeless and bound to suit most interior design styles.

Every entry needs shelving, but not every home comes equipped with it. If this is you, it's time to install some. It's fairly simple to DIY, but if you're not confident with a hammer (or your landlord won't allow it), find a stylish hall tree instead. 

IKEA Lack Wall Shelf $15

The Lack shelf is one of those IKEA classics that we will never tire of. It's so simple by design that it looks good practically anywhere (and we really mean that).

West Elm Pipeline Hall Tree $499 $399

The classic hall tree takes us back to the days of the old schoolyard, but it's so practical that we just had to include it in our mudroom round up. This one has a hip midcentury industrial vibe, and we're totally down with that. You could just purchase this and forget about the rest. It's pretty much an all-in-one mudroom.

Normann Copenhagen Sko Shoe Rack $265

Shoe racks were never really part of our visual vocabulary until we found this beauty. It will even make dirty shoes look good.


This trendy walnut unit is for homeowners who really don't have space on their side. It's wall shelving without the permanence, and chic storage too. Genius.

What are your makeshift mudroom essentials? 

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