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21 Small Office Ideas To Make Any WFH Situation Work

Office desk with a wicker chair

modernhousevibes / Instagram

Whether you work from home every day or just once in a while, a great home office setup is key to productivity. But what if your home simply isn't big enough for a whole separate office? A dedicated workspace will improve your creativity and help you focus, and the good news is you can create an office space in nearly any home.

Click through for some of our favorite small office spaces to help inspire your WFH setup.

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Go Monochromatic

Pale wood office space

Anne Sage

When working in a small space, less is sometimes more. If you have a small den you've converted to an office, consider a simple color palette that will look crisp, chic, and utterly professional. Sometimes a "boring" color scheme is the best way to add depth to your small space.

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Opt for a Desk With Storage

Small desk space with storage

Ann.Living / Instagram

There are some things you just need in your office (like the perfect pen for taking notes), but clutter can make a small office look even smaller. If you don't have a closet or room for a filing cabinet, consider opting for a desk with a little bit of built-in storage to hide all of your must-haves.

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Find a Corner

Living room with a desk

Ashley Montgomery Design

When debating where to pop your desk in your small home, take a look at rarely-used corners and nooks. Whether in your living room, kitchen, or bedroom, search for some wall space that goes unused and tuck in a small desk. Depending on how much space you need for your work, a writing desk can look chic and elegant.

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Carve Out a Desk

Small office space in a narrow hall

A Girl and Her Power Tools

We love how creative this home office idea is, especially if you have a few odd nooks and crannies that are rarely used. Take a narrow hallway or an alcove and consider transforming it into a home office. The added built-in storage helps keep this small space tidy and crisp.

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Repurpose a Walk-in Closet

Office in a attic space

Scandinavian Stylist

If you have a coveted walk-in closet, consider giving up some of the space for a desk. Though it may seem odd to work next to hangers filled with clothes, it can give you a great sound-proof space for taking work calls (just prep your background or those Zoom meetings).

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Use Your Staircase Landing

Desk at the top of the stairs


No room for an office? Check out this lovely work-from-home setup at the top of a stair landing. This adorable perch is perfect for anyone who needs a little nook to work, but doesn't require a ton of storage space. Opt for a secretary desk with a little bit of hidden storage built in.

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Opt for a Double Desk

Two monitors on a desk

Calimia Home

If you and your partner are juggling working from home, but you only have enough room for one office, consider a longer desk area that provides enough workspace for two. Can't find a desk perfect for your space? A tabletop and a few filing cabinets function as an affordable custom desk.

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Find a Window

Living room with small office

Design: Kevin Dumais;

Photo: Eric Piasecki

Natural light is key when it comes to a productive work environment, so try to position your desk near a window or in a room that gets a lot of natural light. If finding a bright space is not possible, consider investing in a natural light therapy lamp to brighten up your space.

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Add Plants

Small office with plants and decor

Cottage and Sea

Adding a few indoor plants is a great way to make your office space feel cozy and welcoming. Pick plants that are easy to care for so you can focus more on your work and less on pruning.

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Add a Standing Desk

Small office with a standing desk


Working at home can mean sitting for long periods of time, so outfitting your work-from-home setup with a sitting-standing desk is a great way to encourage yourself to move around more during the day.

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Add Wall Storage

Small office space

Emily Everyday

Small offices often lack room for storage, so think vertically. Consider adding a pegboard or wall shelving units to store your must-haves and display a few knick-knacks.

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Mix in Vintage Pieces

Small office space in a corner

Megan Hopp

A small office space can feel instantly put together and chic with a few purposeful accessories. We love decorating with vintage pieces as an easy way to give a small room a whole lot of personality.

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Carve Out a Nook

Small office space in a bedroom

My City Apartment

Work with the architecture of your home. Go with the natural lines of your space and find a nook or corner that's perfect for a small work area. Hang a few shelves for extra storage and focus on great lighting.

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Use a Closet

Small desk in a former closet

Clovers and Lemons

A rarely-used closet can easily be transformed into a dedicated office space. Measure a piece of wood to fit the closet perfectly and remove the doors to create a compact office anywhere in your home.

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Keep it Clean

Office space with a corner desk

Hannah Tyler Designs

When you have a small (but functional) office, keeping clutter to a minimum is essential. Keeping things mess-free will help your small space feel larger and more open.

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Add Wallpaper

Office with wallpaper behind it

House of Chais

If you're looking for an easy way to make a corner of a room feel like a dedicated office, consider removable wallpaper. Wallpaper can easily delineate a room and create specific spaces to give your office a purposeful feel.

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Think Vertically

Desk with vertical storage


If you have the wall space but not the floor space, pick a desk with built in vertical space for storage. Look for a desk with a chic, minimalist design so it doesn't feel bulky or take up too much visual space in your room.

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Use an Attic

Attic space with a desk

Jersey Ice Cream Co.

If you have an unfinished attic, perhaps consider finishing it to create a lovely little work-from-home setting. Angeled and sloped ceilings and exposed rafters can provide the perfect backdrop for a creative workspace.

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Rethink Your Desk

Circle table in a bedroom

Katie Hackworth

If you don't have enough space for a traditional desk, consider something a little more unconventional like a bistro table. A round table is perfect for fitting into smaller spaces and gives you a bit more access to move around while you work.

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Add a Lot of Greenery

Desk with lots of greenery

leafandlolo / Instagram

Greenery can instantly spark creativity and help a small office feel purposefully decorated. Sprinkle potted plants or rooted plants in water around your desk space to add instant vibrancy and lightness to your workspace.

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Hang a Shelf as a Desk

A desk made from reclaimed wood


Bid adieu to the traditional desk and opt for a shelf instead. A piece of reclaimed wood can create a rustic surface space for working. Because you can cut the wood to your exact specs, this idea is perfect for when square footage is at a premium.