8 Pretty and Petite Pools to Plunge Into

It used to be that we’d only see pools in homes with expansive backyards or large decks. Either that, or the pool would take up the entire backyard and we’d think to ourselves, what a waste of usable living space. But no more. As we downsize to smaller, more compact living spaces, it seems plunge pools have grown in popularity—and for good reason. We may want to shrink our footprint for financial or environmental reasons (or simply because we no longer need all the space the McMansions of yore provided), but that doesn’t mean we want to give up certain amenities, like a place to cool off during the hot summer months that doesn’t involve the driveway and a hose.

Enter the petite pool. Whether it’s a plunge pool perfect for a few cannonballs or a lap pool better suited for light exercise, these water features may be on the small side, but they add a luxurious, spa-like element to any outdoor space. Keep scrolling to see some of the prettiest petite pools around!