Our Favorite Small Side Tables That Fit Into Every Nook and Corner

Small Side Tables

When decorating a new space, it's easy to only focus on the big pieces and call it a day. After all, having a sofa to sit on and a TV stand is arguably more important than adding that extra-special touch that will make your space really functional and unique. That said, one of the quickest and easiest ways to polish off a space (and one of the most easily forgotten, in our opinion), is to add a few small side tables. Not only do they make each seat well-appointed—nothing is worse than sitting down and having nowhere to put down your drink—but, if chosen properly, they can also make a beautiful, striking statement in a room—all without costing a ton.

But small side tables are not limited to the living room—they can also be slipped into a bathroom, bedroom, or even an entryway. Even the tiniest of spaces could always use an extra side table or two. Ready to give your space a quick makeover? Look further than these stylish small side tables that will completely upgrade the look of your space. Best of all, they start at only $49.

West Elm Murray Drink Table $99

Designed to tuck into the smallest of spaces, this tiny drink table can slide beneath a sofa or chair to maximize floor space.

Lee Kirkbride Calvo Side Table $435

This inventive tilted stem design allows this stylish side table to tuck under chairs or sofas easily. Between the minimal design and the solid oak finish, we think it's a pretty chic piece.

S-shaped glass end table
Fenghua Glass Home S-shaped Glass Side Table $129

This clear side table is ideal for small spaces because it doesn't visually clutter the room and lets the light shine through.

IKEA Burvik Side Table $49

You'll be hard-pressed to find a more stylish and affordable small side table than this tray table with handle from IKEA. Carry it around wherever you need. 

Tri White Marble Side Table
CB2 Tri White Marble Side Table $349 $279

Can't fit a square or round side table in your space? A triangular pedestal might be just what you need to tuck into your tiny corner. Besides, the white marble is ultra chic.

Resident Offset Side Table $425

This minimal modern side table doubles as a stool, making it versatile enough to fit in any living room or bathroom. We're big fans.

West Elm Solid Manufacturing Co. Drink Table $149

This stylish tripod table will make a statement in any tiny space. We see it pairing up equally well with a beautiful lounge chair or a freestanding bathtub.

Umbra Shift Tier Side Table $350

If you need a ton of book storage but don't have a lot of space, this side table is for you. Stack your favorite tomes to style it in an instant.

Verdigris painted wood stool
Chairish Verdigris Painted Wood Stool/Side Table $910

Mark our words, verdigris will be the next big décor trend. This small table/stool is one of the first proof we have, and we love it.

Souda Pair of Kreten Side Tables $3000

This chic organic concrete table comes in a pair. The elegant pieces fit an outdoor space just as well as an indoor room. 

Objeckto Tipi Table $645

What's so great about this small side table is you can easily pick it up and move it around. It also looks pretty cool.

Moraga Coffee Table
Pottery Barn Moraga Coffee Table $249 $174

This Pottery Barn tray table is perfect for petite spaces. Its clean lines and light wood finish won't overpower any space. 

Agate side table
Tov Furniture Lily Glamorous Agate Side Table $169

This stunning CB2 side table has a gorgeous brown agate top that steps away from the typical white marble—making it look fresh (and expensive)!

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