8 Interior Designers Share Their Biggest Small-Space Decorating Mistakes

Small spaces pose notoriously tricky problems. The lack of square footage equates to a lack of storage space, which means things can quickly get a lot more cluttered, and then there's the challenge of showing off your style in an oddly shaped room while still trying to make it a functional area. Even professionals make mistakes. But that doesn't mean we aren't up for the challenge—in fact, that can make the design process even more fun.

Which is why we asked eight interior designers to reveal their biggest small-space decorating mistakes. And like any mistake, there's always room for improvement. Considering their pedigrees, it's unsurprising that they turned these small-space mistakes into serious interior design feats. Read on to see how they transformed their mistakes into small-space perfection, and then learn how to troubleshoot the biggest no-nos in your own home.