This Small Apartment Steal Has Been Hiding at Urban Outfitters All Along

Now you see it; now you don't

Updated 07/18/17
Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Since moving into a tiny one-bedroom apartment in New York's East Village, I've become mildly obsessed with small-space styling tricks. Like in most tenement homes, my living room has an awkward layout, so there's only one place to position my sofa and TV console—forcing me to think creatively about the other furniture I style in the space.

Hours into an online shopping black hole, I came across a surprisingly chic side table that ticked all the boxes: It's minimal and doesn't visually clutter the room; it's sturdy yet lightweight, so I can move it around when guests are over; and it costs under $100. Meet Urban Outfitters' Halvar Acrylic Side Table, one of the brand's best-kept small-space secrets.

Urban Outfitters Halvar Side Table $98

Urban Outfitters isn't the only brand to get on board with the translucent trend. ABC Home has released a ton of iridescent, glass furniture that's small-apartment friendly, and CB2 dropped a sleek glass version of this simple minimalistic side table earlier this week. If that latest installment of fall products is any indication, translucent décor is on the rise. 

Verde Glass Side Table
CB2 Verde Glass Side Table $299

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