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7 Genius Storage Solutions That Clear the Clutter in Style

Ample storage is a luxury awarded to few. Whether you live in a small New York studio or a dainty beach cottage, cozy homes rarely brim with excess space. Those of us who bear the burden of little to no storage room take clutter very seriously. From exploring the Marie Kondo method to scrutinizing small-space trends, no trick or hack is beneath us. We will go to great lengths to simulate a wide and empty space—while in fact everything is just cleverly concealed.

How do you keep clutter at bay when your storage space is next to nonexistent? Taking cues from our favorite rooms, we've investigated seven ways to increase your storage opportunities in kitchens, bathrooms, and closets so you can maximize what space you do have—and do it in style. No need to throw everything out just yet. Get your drills ready because we're taking storage to new heights.

Display Your Pots

Matthew Delphenich

Don't waste valuable cupboard space in small kitchens by storing your pots and pans. Use a decorative rack or series of hooks to relocate and display your bulkiest items. This will free up closed-door space for other, less attractive kitchen essentials.

Williams-Sonoma Enclume Double Dutch Crown Ceiling Pot Rack $560.00

Install Shelving

Bess Friday for Lonny

Finding storage areas in small spaces requires maximum use of every available nook and cranny, even those in your walls. Utilize empty spaces or hollow areas by installing built-in shelving or cabinets. Just adding a shallow shelf or two can make all the difference when space is at a premium.

CB2 Stretch Modular Wall Shelf $129.00

Install Wall-Mounted Faucets

Courtesy of Septembre Architecture

Counter space is a coveted luxury in a small bathroom. Free up some room for storage and display by mounting your faucet and levers to the wall. Use the newly available space for canisters and containers to conceal your must-have grooming and beauty supplies.

Kohler Purist Widespread Wall-Mount Bathroom Sink Faucet $765.00

Utilize Every Corner

Courtesy of Elizabeth Roberts

Empty or awkward corners are perfect places to incorporate additional storage space. Shelves, cabinets, and cubbies easily tuck away into these under-utilized areas and offer unique opportunities for decorative displays or places to stash unsightly items.

CB2 Topanga Corner Bar $749.00

Think Outside the Drawer

Courtesy of Wrede

If you're lacking drawers, consider relocating the items usually found in them—like cutlery and cooking knives—to shelves or magnetic bars instead. Decorative containers or magnetic strips keep utensils on hand and frees up drawer space.

Schmidt Brothers Black Magnetic Wall Bar $55.00

Skirt the Issue

Manuel Rodriguez ; DESIGN: Megan Pflug

Adding a chic skirt under a counter, to a table, or around a pedestal sink will not only provide an additional element of décor but also add concealed storage space. Use it as a place to stash items you may use daily but would rather not have front and center.

Ballard Designs Terrific Serving Table With Tablecloth $229.00

Go Above and Beyond

Courtesy of Lonny

The spaces between a door or window frame and your ceiling are excellent places to add an additional shelf or horizontal cabinet. The same goes for kitchen cabinets that don't extend all the way to the ceiling. Utilize this dead space to store items you won't need access to often, as reaching them will be cumbersome. Holiday china, anyone?

West Elm Greenwich Cabinet $3,099.00 $2,200.00