3 Small, Realistic Ways to Get in Shape (That Don't Involve Diet or Exercise)

Updated 04/21/17

While we're definitely fans of the warmer weather, longer days, and beautiful flowers that come with spring, we're not exactly psyched about the physical demands that come with beach season. "There can also be a lot of pressure and negative energy surrounding [spring]," said certified nutrition coach Lauren Chambers for Mindbodygreen. "I want to remove some of that stigma and reassure you there are easy and efficient ways to feel and look better—that don't involve being super strict or drinking green juice for five days straight." Below, Chambers outlines some of the healthiest, most realistic ways to get in shape this spring. 

Drink Lots of Water

Drinking enough water is "truly one of the best and easiest habits for shedding excess weight and toxins," notes Chambers. "People who drink more water tend to consume fewer calories … [and] it will definitely help you phase out those sugary drinks." 

Take action: Start each day with a cup of warm water with lemon, and set your phone timer to remind yourself to refill your water bottle once every hour or so.

Start Dry Brushing

Believe it or not, simply rubbing your skin with a dry brush before your morning shower can actually improve circulation and promote lymphatic draining. "Starting at your feet, [brush] in small circular movements with light pressure, working your way up the body and towards the heart," she explains.

Take action: This natural bristle dry brush from Fantasea is just $5; try dry brushing to shed dead skin, get rid of cellulite, and boost energy this season.

Stick to a Bedtime Ritual

Never underestimate the power of sleep; a solid night's rest is "one of the best things you can do for your health," writes Chambers. "Lack of sleep can affect our weight, insulin sensitivity, cognition, hormones, and result in higher risk of fat gain and general obesity."

Take action: Create a bedtime ritual, turn off your phone, and invest in the essentials: a good eye mask and an essential oil diffuser.

What would you add to this list of healthy habits? Share your thoughts with us below!

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