The 9 Smartest Tech Finds For Your Home

3 The Find: Moen ioDigital, from $1807, Moen The Fix: No more waiting for the shower to heat up or the bath to turn cold. The Way: Set and maintain the perfect temperature for your shower or bath by programming it into the ioDigital, which you can also turn on with a remote. Just think, you could draw a bath from the sofa...
1 The Find: Mr Beams LED Lantern, $37, Mr Beams The Fix: No more dead cell phones at bonfires, campouts, or in the backyard. The Way: This battery-operated lantern can charge phones or MP3 players wherever you may be, even if you're trying to "unplug" on a camping trip.
 2 The Find: Iro 16 Zone, $299, Rachio The Fix: No more excuses for forgetting to water the lawn. The Way: Rachio runs your sprinklers for you. Its auto-scheduling, weather intelligence, and built-in analytics will have your lawn looking lush.
4 The Find: The Stool Tool, $150, Auggiedog The Fix: No more bending over to clean up after Fido. The Way: The stool tool uses simple vacuum technology to better the only unfortunate part of owning a pooch.
5 The Find: Inlet with Walnut Faceplate, $45, LivingPlug The Fix: No more ugly outlets throwin' off your style. The Way: The LivingPlug improves child safety, conserves energy, and looks way better than a normal outlet with its variety of covers.
7 The Find: Archos Smart Home Tablet, from $200, Archos The Fix: No more wondering what that noise was, what the weather is, or if you left the light on. The Way: The closest thing we've seen to a virtual house. The tablet is informed from different objects around your home to give you total control, including a mini cam, motion ball, weather tag, movement tag, and smart plug.
 8 The Find: Total Sense Home Spa System, Price Upon Request, Steamist The Fix: No more limiting your spa time to vacations only. The Way: Take steam showers to a whole new level. This programmable technology uses lights, music, and programmable settings to make your bath five star.
11 The Find: Smart Water, Price Upon Request, Dornbracht The Fix: No more just flippinh on the faucet. The Way: The first electronic product from plumbing powerhouse Dornbracht. In the kitchen, it can measure the exact amount of water for a recipe and turn on and off with a foot sensor. In the bathroom, it can fill a bath tub with just one click, and it remembers your preferred temperatures.
12 The Find: WeMo Insight Switch, $60, Belkin The Fix: No more just plugging in. The Way: The WiFi-enabled WeMo Insight Switch allows you to turn devices on or off, monitor energy usage, and set schedules, all from your smart phone. Just think: you could turn on your air conditioner or crockpot before you even get home.
Which device will you bring home? Sound off in the comments below. Photography: Dornbracht