Why Smart Kids Are Suffering in School

Thirteen years ago, Congress passed the No Child Left Behind Act, a movement that requires annual standardized testing to ensure that a certain level of education is maintained at every public school. If a school scores poorly on the tests, it has to take a series of actions to improve the children’s learnings. Thus, the primary focus of today’s education system is on boosting weak students to minimum proficiency. But a Wall Street Journal article wonders, What about the gifted students? With so many teachers spending time bringing poor students up to par, who is pushing the smart kids to reach their ultimate potential? No one, the story reports, and this is a problem that should be addressed by the nation’s educators.

Gifted children are not being challenged enough, and this is brings down the education system as a whole. “It is no secret that American students overall lag their international peers,” The Journal reports, but when parents of gifted children complain, “they are accused of elitism.” The Journal believes the No Child Left Behind Act should track the progress of both the low and over-achievers and create curriculum that applies to both sides of the spectrum. “If we cannot bring ourselves to push smart kids as far as they can go,” The Journal says, “we will watch and eventually weep as other countries surpass us in producing tomorrow’s inventors, entrepreneurs, artists, and scientists.”

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How do you feel about today’s educational system?