The 15 Smartest Dog Breeds May Actually Be Perfect for You


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Dogs are perfect. Well, they seem perfect, with their adorable, furry faces and wagging tails. Sometimes, it can feel like raising another child that never grows up, and that goes double for how much we love them. The family portrait wouldn’t be the same without that wet nose in the frame.

If you’re considering adopting, we highly recommend it. There are so many pets that need homes, and most shelters will throw in the vaccinations, chip, or other necessities for free. The only fathomable drawback is the uncertainty of your new pal’s exact background. Knowing your dog’s breed can indicate many things about what to expect or how to react to their behavior; not all breeds are created equal.

Dogs have been bred for millennia for varying reasons—almost all of which had to do with aiding humans in some way. As it turns out, working dogs have always been considered the smartest of their species. That doesn’t always mean that they are perfect for families—that depends on your lifestyle. Hunting breeds need to be active or they may become too mischievous for their own good.

We rounded up the 15 smartest dog breeds according to The Intelligence of Dogs author Stanley Coren. Read more below and be sure to do your own research in order to find the perfect pooch for your family.