Smartphones Know More Than We Can Possibly Imagine

Bad news for those who are afraid of living in a Big Brother–type society where the government knows all. Bloomberg is reporting that smartphones hold more information than we can possibly imagine. For example, your smartphone knows where you’ve been and who you were with. It knows what you bought your mother for her birthday and who you plan to vote for. It knows so much information that anyone with access to your phone could create a virtual clone.

“You can extract enough information on a typical person’s phone that you can construct a virtual clone of that individual," Elad Yoran explains. As Yoran, the executive chairman of Koolspan Inc., a communications security company, explains, “they are the windows not just into our personal lives but they are equally the windows into our professional lives." Apple’s Tim Cook agrees; last week, he told ABC News that “our smartphones are loaded with our intimate conversations, our financial data, our health records. They’re also loaded with the location of our kids, in many cases."

Phones hold troves of data and keeps records of everything—from calls made and received, to text conversations, contact lists, Internet browsing history, notes, emails, banking information, and account details from websites like Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, and Netflix. The Bloomberg story doesn’t mention how to protect one’s privacy; it’s simply announcing to the world that our smartphones know everything—a fact that's a little scary to learn.

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What do you think of this news? Are you worried about how much smartphones know?