15 Inspiring Women to Follow on Snapchat ASAP

If you didn’t already know, it’s all about Snapchat right now. Since 2011, this hilarious messaging app, available on iPhone and Android, has slowly been dominating our social feeds. I say slowly because it wasn’t until the founders launched the Stories feature—a string of snaps put together to create a narrative that lasts 24 hours—that people really started to get into it. While we could never say goodbye to Instagram, Snapchat has ridiculous appeal. Why? Addicted snappers love the raw, unedited feel of the live social media platform, and who can resist the doodling feature that lets you draw hearts around your food pics or replace your face with a giant emoji? There are plenty of in-app features to play around with, and new ones are being added all the time; you can even send money with your snaps. If you’re new to “the Snap” or about to jump on board, this handy guide will help you master it, but for those who’ve got it down, read on for a few of our favorite women to follow.