Cuddle Up: 20 Snow Day Movies to Watch When You Can't Go Outside

When a blizzard sets its sights on your town, all you can do is hunker down with hot cocoa, firewood, and the last remaining battery on your devices. If the power goes out, at least you will have each other for company.

Even with loved ones around you, the cold can be irritating, to say the least. Snow may coop everyone together indoors, but that doesn’t mean everyone has to suffer at the hands of boredom. When conversation runs out, a movie is the best remedy for a quiet den. And boy have we got the winter flicks for you.

Many diverse stories are set amid the snow. There are the tried-and-true romantic comedies that will have you snuggling up with your partner, or there are also icy adventures of fantasy and drama. We have chosen a little of everything for your film menu this wintertime, so kick back with an extra blanket and enjoy.