The Surprising Skill You Should Have Learned in Kindergarten

Could being super social in kindergarten make you a more successful adult? A recent study released by Pennsylvania State University seems to think so. The report, that was released yesterday, followed 700 children from kindergarten to age 25. The kids who finished high school, found full-time jobs, and stayed out of jail were the ones with the strongest social skills in kindergarten. These students were better at listening to others, helping classmates, and cooperating at a young age. These findings are important because social skills are malleable and can be improved throughout a child’s development. In some cases, how the child performed socially was more influential in success 20 years later than how the child did in school academically. The conclusions are interesting, and today when I chat with my mom on our daily call, I’m going to ask her about my social skills in kindergarten!

If you’ve got young children and want to learn more about this subject, we suggest you read 101 Ways to Teach Children Social Skills by Lawrence E. Shapiro.  

Were you social at a young age?