One Can of Soda a Day Can Decrease Fertility by 25%, Study Finds

Updated 02/16/18
Kirsty Begg/ Stocksy

Sugar has gained a bad reputation in recent years thanks to its negative impact on liver, metabolism, and brain function, but if you haven't yet found a reason to reduce your intake, a new study from Boston University might act as the catalyst. The 14-year project found that drinking just one can of soda per day can decrease your chance of conceiving by up to 25%.

To test the link between fertility and high-sugar drinks, professor Elizabeth Hatch and her team gathered data from 3828 women and 1045 of their male partners trying to fall pregnant between 2003 and 2017. Subjects were asked to complete a survey on their diet, with specific attention to the number of high-sugar drinks they regularly consumed, such as soda and energy drinks.

Published in the journal Epidemiology, the study found that "men who drink at least one sugary soda a day reduce their chances of fathering a child by 33%" while "women who drink just one sugar-sweetened fizzy beverage a day are 25% less likely to become pregnant in any given month," according to a Daily Mail report. Prior studies have found that high blood glucose levels can create a poor environment for eggs and embryos, Body+Soul points out.

Hatch says there's a clear lesson to be learned. "Couples planning [their own] pregnancy might consider limiting their consumption of these beverages, especially because they are also related to other adverse health effects," she said. Even if you're not looking to have a baby in the near future, ditching or limiting your sugar intake is probably a smart health move.

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