Everything You Need to Make Your Old Sofa Feel New (and Cool) Again


Courtesy of Elizabeth Roberts

Aside from maybe your mattress and dining table, a sofa is the most important furniture purchase you'll make for your home. While you may consider dozens of options and break down the pros and cons by durability, style, and comfort while making the purchase, there is never a guarantee that you'll love your sofa forever. But by the same token, why would you fix something that's not broken? Would you replace your sofa just because you grew tired of its color, its shape, or the way its fabric is aging? What if there was a way to make it look and feel brand-new without kicking it to the curb and buying a whole new one?

The good news is that there are more ways than one. Whether you're temporarily renting and don't want to invest in a large piece of furniture, you're saving for a big renovation, or you're simply on a budget, we found 10 sofa makeover ideas that you can use to entirely revamp your living room without ever replacing its most important component. Give your sofa new life this weekend—here is how you do it.

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