Soft Focus: Molly Sims

THE DOSSIER: NAME: Molly Sims and Scott Stuber. TRADE: Model/actress and film producer, respectively. STYLE COHORT: Kishani Perera. VIBE: West coast comfort with a travel-minded twist. ABODE: Traditional colonial in Beverly Hills, CA.

For Molly Sims, introducing interior designer Kishani Perera to her then-boyfriend (now-husband) Scott Stuber in 2010 was more than just a referral; it was an act of forward planning. "We designed it with the idea that maybe she might move in one day," Perera admits with a laugh. Sims notes that as her relationship with Stuber progressed, so did her vision for the house. "In the beginning it was like: make it really masculine! And then halfway through: maybe not so masculine!" But in the end, the most important factor for the couple, who married in September 2011 and welcomed their son Brooks last year, had less to do with gender, and more to do with intangibles: "I wanted it to flow," says Sims.

COLOR THEORY: Stuber notoriously favors neutrals: "The whole house was beige, except for a red leather-paneled bathroom that looked like somewhere people do cocaine," jokes Sims of the starting point. To ease Stuber into a more balanced palette, Sims and Perera stuck to shades of taupes and grays, and introduced brighter hues via accents. The kitchen is a prime example, where cabinetry in Benjamin Moore's Amherst Gray is complemented by pistacio drapes in Christopher Farr's flocked linen Downey pattern, a pair of red x-marks-the-spot industrial stools from Maison Au Naturel, and an array of turquoise stemware and vintage blue and white china.

EASY DOES IT: The couple share an affinity for a low-key Californian feel, which permeates the house: "There's an easiness to it," says Sims. "I wanted it to feel young and modern, but also lived-in and like you can have fun here." The media room's Maya Romanoff Braided Hemp Wallpaper-skinned ceiling adds a beachy flavor, as do touches such as a fanciful mermaid vase from At West End, and an array of throw pillows spanning a pair of tie-dye tangerine options from Perera's line Rummage Home, to Hamptons-feeling designs from Juxtaposition Home.

PICTURE PERFECT: Though clean lines and comfort are the driving force, the emphasis is equally on treasures the duo has collected over the years: The pair's considerable art collection includes Samuel Messer's painted portrait of Paul Auster, and a black-and-white Arthur Elgor ballet image gifted to Sims by the photographer. "The house is filled with art, photographs, and things that remind them of what they love," Perera observes. "It's very personal."



Mid Century Blue Table Lamps
Rummage Home 
Vintage Wheel Table
Tobi Tobin
Mermaid Vase
At West End
Crystal Chandelier
In Kitchen
"Graphite" (#1603) Paint Color
In Dining Room
Benjamin Moore
Silver Bar Cart
Mecox Gardens


Photograph: Justin Coit