Decorating Secrets We Learned From the @SohoHome Instagram Account

There's a certain familiar feeling when you walk into a Soho House. While it's hard to put a finger on why, the private club for young creatives has the pulse on interiors that are on the cutting edge of design, while also being unabashedly timeless and classic. What's more is that the community has perfected the art of living—in all of its spaces it has achieved a comfort level that's unparalleled in hotels. Walking into a Soho House feels more like walking into the home of a stylish person rather than walking into a hotel or restaurant.

Every last detail in its spaces contributes to that homey feeling: the ultra-dim lighting, the multitude of textures and patterns, the extra-deep seating, the roaring fires, the intricate art collections—everything is made for ultimate comfort and luxury. Even better—the private club came up with its own line of furnishings, Soho Home, featuring a mix of the actual products used in its houses and vintage pieces inspired by its signature décor style—and its brand-new Instagram is one to follow, as it's filled with inspiring interiors. Bring the house home, too—here are the best decorating lessons we learned from scrolling through its feed.

And now, 10 small-space decorating tips to steal from hotels.